Sunday, September 30, 2018



Today, I am excited to announce that we will be analyzing 
this new disc containing a blistering live performance from 
one of Traumatic Static's favorite extreme electronics projects;
INSTITUTION D.0.L. "Caeremonia Inferna Vindobonae" showcases the
duo in top form. Although nothing could come close to witnessing
the project in person, This disc is a great demonstration of the
intensity and passion that goes into the scalding sonic art of 
I.D.O.L. With a great set-list to welcome first time listeners
and please long time fans, I.D.O.L. hit the stage and set the
night on fire. Performed and recorded in their home base of Austria,
I.D.O.L. school their fellow countrymen in how to properly execute
a Death-Industrial performance. 

I.D.O.L. have always been a project that take their art very seriously and
this translates to the stage flawlessly. When the members are under the lights
they are completely in-tune with their artistic personas, Becoming conduits of
extreme electronic art of the highest caliber. "Caeremonia Inferna Vindobonae" 
gives us a glimpse into the world they create before their audiences and welcomes 
us deep into twisting halls of cerebral darkness and aural experience. Gritty and 
brutal with no limits placed and nothing held back. This is the grim reality of the 
world around us filtered through the hands and voices of two very realistic and honest 
individuals. Let's begin.


Opening track "Exordioum" slowly rises with the sound of a solemn ceremonial choir chanting 
a beautiful song amidst a sea of deep sub-bass. Buzzing electronics cloak this in thick sheets
as drones start to surface. One gets the sense that they are on the cusp of a crusade about to 
break loose. The valor of battle charges the air with a palpable energy bringing with it an almost
religious sense of inclusion. I.D.O.L. definitely know how to work a crowd. Spoken samples concerning divine principles contrasted against the experience of the here and now are heard as ultra-deep pulses and swirling static fill the air. In other words, I.D.O.L. is engaging their audience to take part in the here and now and fully immerse themselves in the performance alongside them. Bursts of noise ascend, Crack and rain down like pregnant clouds bursting overhead. Metallic percussive elements are utilized as feedback rises in the distance. The initiation thus completed I.D.O.L. begins their ritual of pure creativity.


The first of two improvised tracks. "Improvviso I" comes on wandering strands of electricity surrounding obscured samples. Machines begin to whir and move as they come to life. Old-school Industrial rhythms flex their undying mechanical might as a haze of pulsating noise is heard. This soon morphs into a rising/falling drone that spreads out like the panoramic view of an endless ocean. Voices in a foreign tongue speak through varying effects as their statements echo in a biting and venomous tone. The sounds of human suffering, Tragedy, Mass suffering and calamity take center stage among sea-sick drones that waver indifferently beneath. Heavy slamming metallic rhythms pound the audience into total submission as I.D.O.L. make it clear that they've come to dominate their spellbound subjects. Clean vocals treated with excellent effects soar above as harsh bursts and scorching feedback attack with planned precision. The overall sound is huge and packs a serious punch. I can only imagine how powerful this must have been in person. Impressive to say the least, Especially for an improvised piece as this sounds like it has been rehearsed to perfection. The hairs on my arms stand at attention like willing soldiers ready to obey their masters to the point of death as I listen to this. A truly stunning performance. I can guarantee anyone present with an ear for extreme electronics must have been utterly floored by this. Bravo.


Dense rumbling quakes and rhythms like bones crunching beneath combat boots create a slow march. Swarming sounds like those of insect carrion fill the empty spaces as landslide movements are heard on loop. Air-raid sirens sound the call to war as the troops march in persistence. Miserable voices come through the air waves bringing with them a tense sense of urgency and despair as the music fades into pure Death Industrial darkness. Static transmissions cut in and out while clicking patterns, glitching manipulations and myriad manner of sonic anomaly are on display. Spoken vocals come. Clean but treated. They echo their grim messages until they become desperate shouts. Things get a little heavier as pedals grind and noises gather. Harsh noise screeches like tires burning rubber while a steady heart-beat throbs in the distance. I.D.O.L. sound just as fierce as they do on studio recordings if not better. Feverish ambiance pervades the senses as gorgeous flowing melodies create a trance inducing aura. An aurora borealis of sound that is more stunning than I can put into words. Unexpected and absolutely spectacular. The range of emotions I.D.O.L. manages to capture in their craft is hard to rival and very impressive. Cascading rivers of sound that wash over the audience and fill every corner of the venue. There are so many sounds so perfectly blended here that I can't even begin to put it into words. A modern symphony of fragile melodies punctuated by darker themes hidden beneath but discernible to hungry ears. Suddenly what appears to be an Austrian folk song begins to surface. Another surprise that is sure to catch the listener off guard. Different, But it definitely works. The backing electronics are still present and eventually consume all else bringing the track to it's close.


"Unforeseen Annihilation" is a track I am very familiar with so I was quite excited to hear a live version. Once again here as before the sound is just as good, If not better than the album version. A brief drone opens the door for electronic pulses that form the backbone of the sonic structure. Blades of helicopters slice the air as the repeating beat brings us in deeper. Machine guns fire in the distance as the annihilation makes itself known. This time we have female vocals in English supplied by MK Vermin. Her voice is equally strong as Barbie B's which makes this team all the more admirable. The lyrics describe the horrors of war and the many deaths it brings with it. This particular track has a very traditional Death Industrial style showing that the genre is alive and well. Hissing noise via filter abuse spreads like gas canisters unloaded against the enemy infecting the atmosphere with a caustic toxin. Deep drones flow with this to ensure that death is present across the entire front-line. A piece that accurately lives up to it's title.


One last improvisation before the end. "Improvviso II" comes on thick pulsating beats and digital electronic chirps that bring the feeling of time running out. Like some kind of medical device monitoring pulse activity. The rhythms are in quick succession which adds to the overall vibe of time coming to an end. Heavy vibrations follow in trails behind each pulse until they suddenly fall into the background to be replaced by expansive drones and spoken vocal murmurings. The sound here is bleak and at times quite minimal. I couldn't begin to tell you what kind of gear I.D.O.L. is employing but it sounds top-notch. Strange patterns weave through the air like the fibers of a many colored tapestry spontaneously painting a greater picture. Clicks glitch in and out as wretched shouts and phased spoken words vibrate into the upper atmosphere. Grinding patterns crank and dissipate as additional layers of sound are piled on thick. The sound of large blades dragged across a stone
are heard. Like the reaper sharpening his scythe before a great period of harvest and woe. Like the previous improvisation, This too sounds like it's been rehearsed but as with many other great artists I'm sure it just comes naturally for I.D.O.L. Factory sounds are heard. Heavy machinery mindlessly trudging on according to it's masters will. The vocals become absolutely deranged. Manic, Psychotic outbursts are unleashed upon an audience imprisoned by frenzy of the spectacle. And suddenly all fades into silence.

"Moral Conflagration" is another of my favorites among I.D.O.L.'s impressive back catalog and perfect closing piece for the album. Again we have deep pulses, Strange clicks and grim spoken samples. The choirs heard at the start of the performance return and bring a sense of mourning to the grand finale. Electronics are under the precise direction of Barbie B. and MK Vermin and are executed perfectly as on the album version. This is a very haunting piece. Tragic and beautiful. Weeping, Lamentation and despondent screams come along with bitter tears and retching. Pitch shifters are utilized for great dramatic effect and you get a similar feeling as if watching a final death scene in a cinematic master-piece. The album finishes much like if you were to end your night at the graveside of a fresh loss before walking away numb and cold. Power(ful) Electronics. 



-Corey P.-

Saturday, January 27, 2018



HADALS is a two peice with a few previous releases. Unlike the previous albums
which featured a Harsh Noise/Drone approach, "The Dog" showcases HADALS as an
entirely different animal. Combining elements of Hardcore (On the Blackened side),
Sludge, Power Electronics, Harsh Noise, Power Violence, Drone, Doom, Etc, "The Dog"
comes out sounding something like a mix of early SWANS, RECTAL HYGIENICS, and GODFLESH. If you're a fan of artists such as WOLF EYES, THE BODY, FULL OF HELL, COLUMN OF HEAVEN, SIBERIAN HELL SOUNDS, Etc...Take note of HADALS. This duo seems to be one of those incredible bands that slipped through the cracks and fell off the radar. This happens far too often. Don't sleep on these guys. Especially when it comes to this particular release. HADALS have found a sound that is everything I hope for in extreme music hybrids. Although this
was released by the small independent label Nailbat Tapes, "The Dog" could have easily
been right at home on a label like Crucial Blast or Profound Lore. Although this is a 
short release that repeats on both sides of the cassette, It's one that you'll find 
yourself flipping often for repeated listens. Absolutely addicting material. 


The first three tracks are each under three minutes long with an extended finisher
clocking in at a little over eight minutes. That being said, The album plays more
like one long face melting, Sanity crushing mind warp. It's amazing how much damage
these guys manage to do in under fifteen minutes."Hound Of Golden Light" starts with
Ringing guitar feedback that prepares the way for deep and smothering bass guitar 
heaviness. The bass tone alone sounds utterly filthy. After a brief buildup we are 
slammed with heavy riffs among a hazy backdrop of Harsh Noise. Vocally this is a beast. 
Although the vocals are somewhat buried in the mix, They are not too obscured to be 
felt and suffered. Extremely Distorted screams with a rasp of bitter disgust that gets
the message across that HADALS are not here to play nice. Mid-paced brutality overtakes 
the listener until we fall into a dense, Dark and doom-laden stomp. Dissonant feedback 
hangs over rumbling down-tuned oppression. The distortion is so thick you can taste it. 
The track ends with pulsating synths and loose percussion that leads us into "Claws 
Stretching To The Sky." Here we realize that our torment has only just begun. Percussive
slams and distant harsh atmospheres are soon obliterated when Chugging riffs and crazed
vocals in multiple layers compete with a creeping fog of strange noises. The drums sound
huge and boom with a relentless ferocity. The track ends with Harsh Noise experimentation.
HADALS somehow manage to wreck your sanity and any sense of security, Grounding or comfort
you had before listening in less that a minute and a half. These boys know how to get the
job done quick and efficiently. "My Teeth On Your Neck" follows, Ending the trilogy of shorter
tracks. Heavy plodding doom that feels as gritty as a slow trek through a corroded sewer tunnel
serves as the platform for wretched vocals that once again attack in several layers. The uneasy
ambiance that pervades these tracks is unsettling to say the least. Elements of Sludge and Noise
Rock blend into a seamless sheet of disgusting audio. I feel like I need to go get tested and
vaccinated for every disease known to man after having just heard this. The track pretty much
locks in and grinds away like a chisel to the teeth until it falls apart and into a stew of slow
noise chaos at the end. "Sink Into The Earth" shovels the dirt into your grave. Repeating Industrial
drum rhythms and sliding strands of rising noise repeat as feedback and sub-sonic vibrations pull the
air from the atmosphere. Murky ambient tones rise from the depths along with experimental noise elements that build on your anxieties. It's like these guys live to pile on dread and discomfort. This final track stands in contrast to the rest of the album in that it's an extended stay in an imagined Hell-hole. One that has come very much to life. Here HADALS take a Drone Doom approach that feels like the long version of a Power Violence intro. If you listen closely you'll notice all sorts of weird stuff in the background as the feedback builds to a constant ring. This fades to be replaced by strange experimental noise that takes us into primal drum rhythms and Industrial scrap/junk clanging. To sum it up, These dudes sound pissed off and fed up regardless of the track. The drums build into a fierce tribal frenzy as grating scrapes and rising distortion reach out and pull you into HADALS conjured madness. Definitely a band worth supporting. Order a copy. If you're into depraved sonic extremity you won't be disappointed.

Hair Of The (Rabid) Dog:
-Corey P.-

Thursday, January 25, 2018



 "Micro" is the first installment in a two-part effort By SILENT CHAOS;
An Experimental/Dark Ambient duo hailing from Rome, Italy. According to
project members Marta Noone and Ugo Vantini the album will be followed
by a sequel titled "MACRO." Within these two albums the main concept is
the exploration of evocation. Archetypes that seem to have always been
buried within the collective unconscious of humanity are dissected,
Evaluated, Organized and re-processed into sonic form via modular synths,
Sequencers and looping/sampling devices. Each track delves into it's own
aural narrative...An audio world that serves as a fully immersive experience
for the listener. Like astral travel for your ears. Elements of true Industrial
music flirt with ancient musical practices from various traditions spanning the 
globe to tap into the primal essence that SILENT CHAOS has put under their

"Odysseus's Journey" begins with meditative drones created by a resonant synth
note in repetition. An echoing pulse is set in-between wavering patterns. A slow
climb over and within. Wet textures bubble, Swirl and begin to drip. The waters 
stir as we hear what sounds like metallic and glass objects being used to create
loose percussive elements. All of this combined creates a sense of movement...As
if an unseen figure is in preparation for their daring departure. I imagine a 
ragged makeshift vessel as it sets out over darkening tides. The initial drones
become more intense and take a darker turn. Distant voices echo as if through
some cavernous region of salt and limestone. Deep bass tones fill the atmosphere
with a trembling air of mystery as strange buzzing noises guide us towards loud
textures that sound like the rusted hinges of ancient gates swinging open. Perhaps
within is contained the knowledge/enlightenment that SILENT CHAOS are seeking. The
atmosphere is strong and pervasive. Cut-off filters are utilized at perfect times
to transition from one area to the next. Junk percussion's in true Industrial fashion
are present while what was once tranquil ambient twists and turns into much tenser
and darker explorations. The music sounds atmospheric in the truest sense of the word.
SILENT CHAOS are mapping out audio realities and guiding us on a tour into places that
just moments ago only existed in the imagination...Or at the very least, Not in the room
in which I'm sitting in as I write this. Any artist that can turn sitting in your room
with headphones on into a sonic journey to this extent deserves attention in my opinion.
Midway in things shift into near silence. Soon after we are met with pummeling Industrial
percussion's that have a truly unique sound. Deep and heavy "drums" wrapped in very strange
wet effects are featured. Each time the rhythms hammer away they are followed by wet textures
that sound like a heavy object plummeting into deep waters. Unearthly choirs arise like specters
within gathering fog. Their voices are mournful and leave long trails of woe behind them. As a 
whole the composition and arrangement are fantastic here. If you're into Dark Ambient artists 
from labels like Cryo Chamber, Cyclic Law, Cold Spring, Malignant Records, Etc, Then I'd highly
recommend checking this release out. "Odysseus's Journey" is cold, Dark, Isolationist music at
it's finest. Sub-sonic vibrations and descending synths end the track as we fade out and into
"Ab Origenes."

Plodding rhythms in low dense tones make way for slamming iron door percussion's. It feels like
you're being locked inside some forsaken dungeon in the middle of nowhere. Crackling electronics
create a sound similar to the crackling wood of a small fire. Heavy atmospheres are conjured via
rolling waves of negative emanation. A thick static haze slowly engulfs and retreats like a hungry
tide as sub-bass vibrations boom in the distance. Electronic signals and wobbling Electro Industrial
patterns meet with ringing metallic eeriness that could easily feel at home in a horror film. Aboriginal
instruments (Or at least synthetic ones) are featured. As stated previously, SILENT CHAOS are attempting to evoke themes that have long been present, Dormant, and resurfacing within myriad indigenous and native cultures all around the world since the dawn of man. Here we have something that sounds very much like the didgeridoo used to create low humming drones. This serves as the backbone from which invisible strands of sound branch forth like arteries carrying death rattles, Menacing metallic resonance, And varying other forms of sonic dread up and outward. There is a very dark tribal sound here. Primal and fierce in execution. Like some lost rite or ritual resurrected through electronic means and manipulations that create a sound both captivating and terrifying. There is a lot of movement here. It sounds like everything around you is restless as if it's laid in wait for countless centuries and finally has been granted passage into our existence. An audio awakening of the primal spirit within man. A breaching of the seen and unseen. A lifting of several

"Technological Monk" sounds like a fitting description of the project's members. Sonic shamans who
bring the ancient and forgotten to new life through digital means. The track starts out with ringing
chimes, Cracking static, Industrial textures, and percussive hand instruments. If you're a fan of
artists like SHIBALBA, NORDVARGR, YEN POX, FUNERARY CALL, Etc, You'll likely find much that appeals to you here. Powerful drones come in dense pulses as electronic experimentation populates the empty space. Tribal percussion's mix with wandering avant-garde electronics that take the noise music equivalent of a free jazz approach. There are tons of weird glitching sounds as well as excellent Cyberpunk elements thrown into the mix. To be perfectly honest with you I've never heard a track attempting this kind of hybrid that was as successful as this. Absolutely incredible material and
a definite highlight on the album. It totally catches you by surprise. Thinking back it's almost
like you knew it was coming but the message was vague and not yet understood until it arrives like
a brilliant revelation. Towards the end things wind down into resonant atmospherics and clanging
loose percussion's. Synths stretch, Settle, Writhe and recoil as we enter a grim minimal soundscape.
Feedback and sub-sonic rumbling compete for space until a brief silence prepares us for the next track.

"Insania" in many ways feels like a kind of continuation of certain themes explored in the previous
track. Most notably the experimental electronic qualities. Here we are mesmerized by countless sounds. A sort of kaleidoscope of sonic tendencies. Synth pulses charge, Unleash and recharge as stabbing electrical freakouts and heavy Electro Industrial and Glitch techniques fill the room. Break-beat and Hard Techno elements are combined with spacey sci-fi synth effects. The synths used sound
quite stunning as they oscillate and annihilate your grounding and sense of the norm. Comfort
zones are quickly filled with hectic rushes and whirls of sound that make the room spin and
the heart race in curious excitement and cautious indulgence. This piece more than lives up
to it's title. I've honestly spent a long time searching the underground for something of this
caliber and right when I least expected it, SILENT CHAOS shot me an email. I am so excited to
be able to tell you about this release. It's both an honor and a privilege. "Insania" is very
difficult to put into words, But the best way I can describe this is as follows. Take everything
you love about experimental electronic music and cram it into one five and a half minute track.
Now imagine diving in and letting these sounds obliterate and disintegrate you into infinite pieces 
that re-assemble and break apart in a cycle of ecstasy, Fear and elevation. That's what this sounds
like. It seems that SILENT CHAOS are attempting to bring the listener into their own brand of higher
consciousness. The realm of metaphysics interpreted as a listening experience. Many artists have
attempted this idea for many years...But few have been as successful as SILENT CHAOS.

Closing track "Eleusi" comes on turbine blades that create a forceful vortex that transcends your
usual windswept isolationist ambient. Heavy electronics and creaking vibrations dissipate into
thick synths and vapor atmospheres. Metallic industrial is heard through reaching strands of
black atmosphere. It sounds like you've entered a negative plane devoid of sunlight. No blue
skies or puffy white clouds here. This is a place where scavengers pick at the carcass of a 
scorched earth where no human footprint has been detected for aeons. Lifeless, Yet full of
activity. A kingdom for carrion. Electronic rhythms create a ping-pong effect as sounds
bounce back and forth between the speakers. Harsh waves come like desert sands storming
down from miles above the earth. Afterwards we find ourselves surrounded by glitching
electronic experimentation. Every manner of electrical pulse, Signal and digital manipulation
are on display. At times I am greatly reminded of COIL's more glitchy works. Songs like "NASA/
Arab" or "AYOR" come to mind. Again we have a didgeridoo type instrument along interesting loops
and rhythms. Later we go into more straightforward Dark Ambient/Drone territory until it's broken
by further glitches and manipulations alongside distant synth/string ambient that brings an emotionally evocative sub-melody. Like the nostalgia of a pleasant dream that's slowly being overtaken by suppressed nightmares and primal fear. In complete honesty, This is one of those albums you have to experience for yourself. I can think of few better records this year that offer such immersive soundscapes. As if the whole experience is being washed away, The album ends with the sound of falling rain as all fades into silence. Dreamworlds brought to life by simply pressing play. Phenomenal material. 

Enter the Micro-cosm:

-Corey P.-

Tuesday, January 16, 2018





RAVEN is a Serbian Harsh Noise project helmed by Djordie Miladinovic.
Like many Harsh Noise artists, RAVEN is quite prolific so I must admit
it's a little weird that we haven't covered a RAVEN release yet on this
site, But better late than never right? Downfall Of Modern Man is a more
recent offering released by this great D.I.Y. Noise label Nailbat Tapes.
So here we have harsh topics conveyed by harsher sounds. Two tracks make
up the album and two tracks are all that's needed. "Downfall" starts with
the title track where we fall into a world of grueling mechanical misery.
Distorted static crunches and crushes it's way into the room in grinding
textures. A swirling haze engulfs and expands as air raid/emergency sirens
repeat. The atmosphere is tense. Panic and confusion abounds as writhing
textures restlessly rise to demolish the listener's comfort. Extreme pedal
abuse with no restraint. It sounds like Djordie has cranked his gear to it's
maximum output capacity. The result is like listening to the world completely
collapse around you. Static bursts like white steam from agitated pipes as 
everything is layed to waste from the foundations to the rooftops. Cut-off
filters are forced to send punishing signals throughout the room. RAVEN pulls
no punches and spares nobody. It sounds like the end is here and survival isn't
an option in the slightest. Every sound utilized is oppressive and smothering.
Imagine waking up in the rubble of a collapsed building to realize that you've
only survived the first wave of many more to come. That's what this feels like.
Pure Harsh Noise aggression. Quaking sub-sonic bursts of distortion roar into
the picture and overtake all that preceded. Rhythmic noise mirrors an anxious
pulse as terror grips from the inside. Every moment is one of agonized frustration.
RAVEN picked a theme and executed it like a demolitions expert. Feedback competes
with the rhythm section creating a squealing cacophony that only someone at their
wit's end could conjure. Social commentary has never sounded so precise as this.
Modern society is waste and mankind is doomed if left to the path they've chosen.
RAVEN has brought that doom and then some. Face melting caustic static spray floods
the room like an oil spill. Acid rain atmospheres melt the mind like scalding molten
heat. If you're not used to Harsh Noise music, This will likely wear you down in a
matter of moments. To the initiated, This is home. Rough, Jagged and tough as nails,
Total sonic obliteration. 



First RAVEN destroyed man, Now he wrecks the Earth. No gimmicks, just grimness.
Once you've dusted yourself off and crawled out of the rubble left behind by the
A side, You can look forward to getting your teeth kicked into the back of your
throat. Static tides rush in and break down all in their path upon contact. Harsh
Noise in rapid movement fires off like the last will and testament of a deranged
broken machine. Landslide textures and manic feedback blend as oscillating synths
and pedals cry out as if pleading for help. It almost sounds like a response to
track one from within the aftermath of the previous devastation. Or perhaps the
very earth begging for mercy as man's machinations dominate and corrupt all that
they can get their cold steel hands on. Squealing signals squirm under the weight
of rolling distortion quakes. Feedback peaks from below as it's buried by more
and more aural debris. The overall composition is pretty similar to the A side,
But with enough of it's own elements to stand on it's own. Basically, Both sides
are prime examples of Harsh Noise done right. This isn't your Momma's Merzbow boys
and girls. RAVEN works in a gritty light. A fitting interpretation of dark grim 
reality bleeding through your speakers in the only form that suites it: A total mess.
Countless pummeling waves with a force like crushing gravity left unchecked. More of
a beat-down than any Black, Death or any other metal could ever wish to achieve. This
track tends to dwell in the "River of static" realm for much of it's duration. This
river just so happens to be filled with rusted shrapnel and nuclear waste. Hope you
brought a towel. Towards the end Djordie lets loose and hits us with more dense sub-
vibrations. Heavy patterns are formed and destroyed to make way for heavy patterns
to form and destroy. Vacuous atmospheres suck the life-force from all in attendance
as feedback rises to a nerve shattering peak. The track ends with furnace blasts
of hot static and high-end signals heard from mid-way in the mix. Downfall complete.

Harsh Noise. Pure and simple:
-Corey P.-

Sunday, January 7, 2018




For our first review of 2018 I'm excited to talk to you guys about
a release from RED BOILING SPRINGS. This is a very interesting release
to me that covers something very similar to a personal experience I
had when my daughter was born. The following was taken from the artists
bandcamp page (
where you can check this out and place an order if you'd like a tape,
As well as dive into the artists back catalog, Which in my opinion
is worth checking out if you're as Noise obsessed as we are.

"My daughter was born on March 15, 2016, and this tape traces the events 
of that night, which included a medical emergency that put her life at 
risk. These recordings are meant to capture the anticipation, panic, 
and relief from that night. Aside from some vocals near the end, all 
sounds were originally captured in utero using a fetal doppler monitor.
Heartbeats by Elliot Elisa Sullivan / Vocals by Matthew Wayne Sullivan."

So as you can see this is an intense release that goes deeper than your
average noise cassette. A very personal and intimate look into a single
night where a child beat all odds to come into existence. Side A begins
by slowly taking us into the womb where a real life drama is about to
unfold. A pulse begins through a void of stillness. A semi-rapid tempo
is set. An echo of itself trails behind as it grows louder. The surrounding
quiet creates a tense atmosphere as the tiny muscle fights. Scratching thuds
are now present, Sort of like a contact mic scraping against some substance.
A wavering drone arrives and expands outward. It carries a cold clinical hum
that seems to pervade all else. Strange circular rhythms flow in an uneasy
cycle. Dark organic ambiance that truly takes you to a new world. Wet sloshing
rhythms come in choppy waves like an agitated tide struggling to reach the shore.
If medical procedures and hospitals freak you out then I'd suggest going into 
this one cautiously. All in all this is a pretty minimal piece, But that does
nothing to diminish the effect it has on the listener. In this case less is
not only more, But it's all that's necessary. Everything drops into silence
except for the initial pulses and thumps that we heard in the beginning. I
can only imagine the tension and fear that took place outside as these weird
and wonderful sounds were captured. The pulse slowly fades...Fainter and fainter
until silence. All while a life hangs in the balance. Incredible stuff.


Now that we've made it this far, Let's get to that happy ending. Luckily we
know the artists baby girl made it through her first trial in this life and
for once in the world things end on a positive note. This album is very special,
And I'd imagine the artist went through a lot of personal struggle to create it.
But that's art in a nutshell. Often born of pain and suffering and somehow 
transformed into something truly beautiful. This isn't the same old top of 
the charts garbage or even the same tired Harsh Noise plundering that we've 
grown so used to. This is real, With true substance and not a single care 
given to convention. If you seek music that goes beyond and deeper than the 
norm, This might be something to consider listening to. Both sides are a
little under ten minutes long so it's not an overwhelming listen, But we
get just enough time to get a feel on what this release is and what it's
about. On the B side we enter into dense sub-sonic quakes that rattle in
a subtle manner. Again we have a pulse to build from. It sounds like ragged
breaths are being earned through labor and strife. Wet clicks that sound
like chewing insects are heard along with a secondary pulse that they 
bring with them. Ambiance is sprayed on in heavy sheets that linger like
prolonged gusts of wind. A bewildering and hazy world captured existing
within the human body. Suddenly we are pushed into smothering sub-bass
frequencies that temporarily eclipse all else. The odd clicking sounds
return like an audience awaiting the final outcome of the ordeal. A sense
of immense pressure is conveyed as the clock ticks. All fades into drifting
static textures containing obscured melodies. Clean vocals in multiple tones
are sung like a lullaby assuring us that it's alright and we can finally be
at peace. This seems to erase all anxiety as it lulls us into rest. Distant
bass tone movements wrap around as the voices continue to softly bellow out
their notes. The vocals have an almost horn like quality to them and remind
me of war horns sounding before battle dawns on the land. Luckily the right
side won in this case.     

-Corey P-

Wednesday, September 13, 2017



Dark sounds for desert dwelling ghouls and nocturnal creatures. A thick 
resonance rolls in and brings gently played guitar strings with it. This
has a similar vibe to projects like: AELTER, WOLVSERPENT, HALO MANASH, 
Ect, Along with elements you'd find in artists like TERRA SANCTA, Or
pretty much the entire Cryo Chamber records catalog. Loud and powerful 
tides forcefully rip through and then we settle back into the dusky
ambience. Ritualistic, Mystic, Primordial...All these words come to
mind while listening. This is a sonic world and if you let it, It will
take you far into the dreamlands. In the distance we hear what sounds
like throat singing as gentle strings continue to play alongside ebbing
pools of swelling resonance. The first of five aural "spirit journeys."
Passing tides come through once again and push us into a very slow and
steady fade out.


"Look Into My Eyes" opens the crypt and we descend. Strange sounds
like that of muted trumpets of some sort bleat out as windswept ambient 
gusts blow in. Hazy atmospheres spread out in the form of sprawling synths.

"Muffled Scream" comes in like a brass orchestra tuned to smothering
oppression. Thick strands of ground shaking resonance that reminds me
of the work of OF EARTH AND SUN. This requires a patient listen. EMPTY
CHALICE performs the kind of music that you have to surrender to. Only
through letting it consume the room will you truly feel how immense the
work is. Varying ambient strands move at the speed of quiet candle light
while winds and tides clash far in the distance. Melodic and haunting
strings rise up along with an almost whistling melody that sounds like
it stems from some sort of ancient wood flute. It's tone so high that
it seems to drift above the rest of the piece like a faint specter 
foreshadowing a coming darkness. Beautifully cinematic work that could
easily accompany a dark film. Everything flows freely and wreaths together
so fluidly that you can hardly tell when one theme begins until you are
neck deep in it. Chilling strings dance in the distance like pin-pricks
of moonlight shimmering across a black lake. Suspenseful passages grip
tight and slowly release. Absolutely spell-bounding work. This could have
easily fit along side artists on a label like Malignant Records. It has
that same dedication and attention to detail as all the best Ambient
artists I've heard...And that is quite an extensive list. Again we
have a very very slow fade out to the next track. And again it works
well here.

"Sidereal" is quite hard to put into words. Really odd and unique sounds
here. Brooding winds come like breath from the mouth of a great cave in
a far and remote place. The heavy charming of large bells pounds in the
empty air. Flute-like sounds mimic nocturnal birds and deep subterranean
vibrations rumble from deep below. The air is filled with the voices of
the nights animals in a distant frenzy. A storm is coming. Disturbing
vocalizations come in scratchy obscured phrases. Cryptic words and
daemonic grunts. I don't know the name of this forgotten place, But
it sounds like it's a place containing many ancient secrets. It takes
a true artist to make music that opens a portal to another plane. EMPTY
CHALICE is the project of a true artist. Both stunning and horrific.
Tragic and beautiful. Flowing ambient strings stir deep emotions.
The track has a sense of reverence to it. It's hard to accurately
describe. There is something very special here that sets this apart
from the many many releases out there in this field. After some time
we experience a quieter moment. A moment where lush strings flow elegantly
as the cryptic voice speaks in tones too low to be human. The ghostly melody
of the strings that closes the track is absolutely gorgeous but far too brief.
I wish this one would have ended like the others. More drawn out and left to 
behave freely. Regardless this is an amazing piece.



On the other side we begin with the title track; "Emerging Is Submerging."
Here we are first greeted by alien sound effects. A warped and wet throbbing
sound along with windswept synths and pulsating signals. Rushes spiral us
deeper into oblivion as tones and chimes mingle with unearthly bird songs.
Again we have smothering vibrations and deep deep sonic quakes. A violent
surge in it's infancy. Blind and frantic as it thrashes it's limbs in a
slow awakening. The bass tones here are overpowering at times but other
than that I really have no complaints about the album thus far. metallic
ringing fills the air and disappears leaving wind tunnels to trail behind.
Things begin to quiet down briefly but this is soon interrupted by additional
gusts. The track is in constant movement. Ever upward and downward at once.
At times disorienting but not quite enough to remove enjoyment for the initiated.
Tribal rhythms lurk on the horizon but are soon torn asunder by powerful oceanic
might. Birds congregate to voice their concerns and then they fall silent as a
strange dirge is played through eerie phaser effects. After a time only winds
remain. Metallic sounds like that of a gong or cymbal lightly brushed are heard.
This makes it feel as if something is swift approaching. Something invisible yet
undeniably present. Like an ancient great beast fitfully battling a slumber plagued
by nightmare and terror. It appears this conflict is never-ending for some time. 
Low gusts and clanging metallic chimes eventually appear and lull the beast back
to sleep. In the following stillness we are met with intense yet subdued winds
let loose to do as they please. Luckily for us they have mercy.

The final movement; "Stolen Breaths And Destroyed Hope," begins like a 
combination of tracks two and three. It carries forward what have now
become familiar elements while adding a cyclic rhythm to the windswept
sounds. We hear a rising rustling that sounds like carnivorous insects
slowly chewing away at their prey. The combination of sounds here have
quite a spooky effect overall. It just feels/sounds like you're not alone
as you listen. As if confirming my fears...The voices come. Words are lost
in the town and manner in which the vocals are presented. Inhuman moanings
and sufferings backed by a laborious metallic clang. Strings gather in a way
that causes them to sound like swarming locusts. Like a black cloud of sickness
descending from above. Suspenseful to a degree that few Dark Ambient artists can
manage to capture. It sounds like the arrival of a Biblical plague. Gnashing
and gnawing teeth and tongues are heard as the strings vibrate in organized
chaos. By far one of the most unsettling works I've heard in some time. This
is the sound of fevered suffering. Torment and delirium. Blackened rasps are
heard over countless writhing voices. The strings spiral downward in a dizzying
drop that brings the sounds of many agonies to the center stage. It's like walking
the streets of a ruined city filled with the woeful cries of all it's stricken
inhabitants. The voices repeat like a mantra of punishment as slamming metallic
percussive elements boom and echo in the background. We transition into a low
hum wrapped in thick winds. Deep synth strings slowly dive downwards as other
cinematic synth tones create a suspenseful sense of dread. An inescapable trial
on the horizon. One that will likely equal death to all involved. Throughout we
hear what sounds like metal wires vibrating with strong force upon impact. Dreary
and deadly material. A lurking evil left to creep unchecked.

One of the most exciting dark ambient releases this year. Unfortunately this
is VERY limited so act fast:

-Corey Phillips-


Thursday, August 24, 2017




H.F.R. is a long running Harsh Noise project. From what I've 
heard from this artist I've come to expect some rough and raunchy 
shit. The kind of gnarly noise to make your head spin and your eyes 
water. Now we have the H.F.R./BOAR split!!! So lets get the fuck on 
with it. Ok, So one thing that I think is definitely worth noting is
that on this release H.F.R. recorded all tracks in one take at maximum
volume with no further editing. In other words, This is pure raw Harsh 
Noise that sounds about as close to an in person experience as you are 
going to get without attending a gig. Be careful on your first time around 
with this one as it is quite loud. "Well Lit Parking Lots" Opens with piercing 
feedback containing an obscured melody. Frequencies vibrate forcefully upon one 
another as the melodic elements reveal a somber melancholy. Angelic choirs robed 
in static. Their lamentations are soon shredded into oblivion as agitated Harsh 
Noise destruction ensues. Feedback whips in every direction only to be obliterated 
by monolithic walls of distortion and white hot hissing blasts. At times it sounds 
like an orgy of writhing shrapnel. This is noise in a constant state of movement. 
Heavy momentum til the finish. Tracks like this are the reason Harsh Noise music 
is described as "smothering" and "oppressive." Split second pauses give a fraction 
of calm before volcanic geysers of death erupt once more with added fury. I don't 
know what kind of fucking parking lot this is...But this sounds like a scrapped 
knee happening over and over in an endless cycle of sharp pain and sore bone. 
High end frequencies come in warped waves and unnerving tides until H.F.R. 
decides to go all aggro on our asses again. At one point this becomes all 
out ultra thick annihilation. Machinery run rampant on a quest to devastate. 
Sampled female screams of blood curdling terror greet us at the end.
Abruptly cuts off and "Getting Hit With A Shovel Isn't All It's Cracked Up 
To Be" immediately follows before we can pick the gravel out of our teeth...
But I mean...What did you expect from a project with a name like HUMAN FLUID 
ROT??? Washed out static/distortion haze and rabid feedback. Distorted spoken
samples concerning religion, Sin, Salvation, Blood Death, The usual. Following
this the hounds of Harsh Noise are let loose to reek havoc. Abrasive/Vacuous 
movements drop into purring drones with a heavy hum. Samples are heard buried
in the mix as pedals drone emotionless. H.F.R. runs into a bad case of noise rage 
and decides to fuck us up after that. This is where he really unleashes
and holds little back. It's a mess...Like an audio interpretation of a really
really really really really bad day. (I'd call getting whacked in the face with 
a shovel a bad day...Just saying.) It sounds like trekking through a place where 
every major natural disaster is happening at once while triggering every other 
fucked up thing to join the party. So basically. It sounds like you're fucked.
And you are. For the rest of the track. Even the "quiet" moments are filled 
with scalding feedback and unsettling aural manipulations. HUMAN. FLUID. ROT. 
Give this man a round of applause ladies and gentlemen. The essence of sonic 
brutality is very much alive and well.


If you are into Harsh Noise music and don't know BOAR then, Well...I hate
to break it to you kid, But...You're fucking up. There's just no nice way
to put it. Stop being a dipshit and buy yourself a copy of this split. So
obviously the BOAR side is going to be a little quieter and a lot more polished
in comparison to the "Going in dry" approach of H.F.R. But that doesn't mean that
these two don't make a cool pairing for a split. They each stand well on their own
and present different interpretations of the same idea. You could call it something
like "PROJECT: MindFuck" and it'd accurately represent what's going down here. First
up is "Culture Haze." Here BOAR offers one of the many things he's known for. Cut-Up
Harsh Noise madness and keeping shit interesting. I've heard many BOAR releases and
heard many of the varying sides of the beast that is BOAR, And I feel like the material
on this particular split sums up and showcases a lot of the best elements this artist
has to offer. And oh yes; They are many. As far as the Cut-Up style of Harsh Noise goes,
Very few can match this guy. Cut-Up loops feed into a harsh onslaught filled with 
manipulations with a very digital/processed sound. Rapid-fire changes make it sound
like machine with a life of it's own. Harsh gusts blow back our grounding and push 
us further into the abyss. Suddenly we enter a negative filled of flat sound. Moody
vibrations shift, Sounding like a moaning resonance. Stop/Go Cut-Up attacks follow.
Warped frequencies and agonized signals duke it out with gnashing distortion until
lazer bursts and looped rock-slide rhythms come into play. Samples take the spotlight.
A weird voice slowed to a blur. Pulsating synth drones begin to fill the room like rising
water as the samples continue. The drone builds like meat slowly materializing around bone. 
Murky atmospheres in a wavering pool that suddenly vanishes to be replaced by yet another
relentless Cut-Up attack. Explosions and heavy artillery all around this time. A repeating
sea of smog rolls out like creeping gas punctuated by strange alien transmissions. Peace
can only last so long and soon the violence fires up again. At this point it sounds like
heavy Sci-Fi weaponry. Field recordings of galactic war squads fucking each other up. If
that doesn't sound appealing to you then I don't need to know you. "Walking Into The Death 
Loop" provides the kill shot. Samples of a girl screaming and choking filtered through
disorienting effects. If I am correct the source audio is from some dumb girl taking on
a hot pepper challenge or some shit like that. So don't feel too bad for her suffering.
The whine of dead technology is heard. Heavily manipulated frequencies are sent out over-
lapping one another. I feel like I've become a fucking radio signal as I listen to this.
Deep drones pulse under deep space transmissions. We've made contact and the shit sounds
hostile. Minimal rhythms repeat under crisp static. Hums and vibrations lull beneath and
then BLAM!! Boss level shit starts popping off. HEAVY blasts with longer pauses in between.
Pistons fire and engines rev the fuck up. BOAR unleashes everything at his disposal. Grave-
yard ambient rolls in. Long distant bells toll as the ground beneath us swells. BOAR says
fuck that and heads back into mechanical overdrive and loop-work. Full blown sonic death
in the vein of FACIALMESS/XOME/Etc.

Scorching Harsh Noise meets Cut-Up/Rhythmic chaos. Something for the whole family: