Wednesday, September 13, 2017



Dark sounds for desert dwelling ghouls and nocturnal creatures. A thick 
resonance rolls in and brings gently played guitar strings with it. This
has a similar vibe to projects like: AELTER, WOLVSERPENT, HALO MANASH, 
Ect, Along with elements you'd find in artists like TERRA SANCTA, Or
pretty much the entire Cryo Chamber records catalog. Loud and powerful 
tides forcefully rip through and then we settle back into the dusky
ambience. Ritualistic, Mystic, Primordial...All these words come to
mind while listening. This is a sonic world and if you let it, It will
take you far into the dreamlands. In the distance we hear what sounds
like throat singing as gentle strings continue to play alongside ebbing
pools of swelling resonance. The first of five aural "spirit journeys."
Passing tides come through once again and push us into a very slow and
steady fade out.


"Look Into My Eyes" opens the crypt and we descend. Strange sounds
like that of muted trumpets of some sort bleat out as windswept ambient 
gusts blow in. Hazy atmospheres spread out in the form of sprawling synths.

"Muffled Scream" comes in like a brass orchestra tuned to smothering
oppression. Thick strands of ground shaking resonance that reminds me
of the work of OF EARTH AND SUN. This requires a patient listen. EMPTY
CHALICE performs the kind of music that you have to surrender to. Only
through letting it consume the room will you truly feel how immense the
work is. Varying ambient strands move at the speed of quiet candle light
while winds and tides clash far in the distance. Melodic and haunting
strings rise up along with an almost whistling melody that sounds like
it stems from some sort of ancient wood flute. It's tone so high that
it seems to drift above the rest of the piece like a faint specter 
foreshadowing a coming darkness. Beautifully cinematic work that could
easily accompany a dark film. Everything flows freely and wreaths together
so fluidly that you can hardly tell when one theme begins until you are
neck deep in it. Chilling strings dance in the distance like pin-pricks
of moonlight shimmering across a black lake. Suspenseful passages grip
tight and slowly release. Absolutely spell-bounding work. This could have
easily fit along side artists on a label like Malignant Records. It has
that same dedication and attention to detail as all the best Ambient
artists I've heard...And that is quite an extensive list. Again we
have a very very slow fade out to the next track. And again it works
well here.

"Sidereal" is quite hard to put into words. Really odd and unique sounds
here. Brooding winds come like breath from the mouth of a great cave in
a far and remote place. The heavy charming of large bells pounds in the
empty air. Flute-like sounds mimic nocturnal birds and deep subterranean
vibrations rumble from deep below. The air is filled with the voices of
the nights animals in a distant frenzy. A storm is coming. Disturbing
vocalizations come in scratchy obscured phrases. Cryptic words and
daemonic grunts. I don't know the name of this forgotten place, But
it sounds like it's a place containing many ancient secrets. It takes
a true artist to make music that opens a portal to another plane. EMPTY
CHALICE is the project of a true artist. Both stunning and horrific.
Tragic and beautiful. Flowing ambient strings stir deep emotions.
The track has a sense of reverence to it. It's hard to accurately
describe. There is something very special here that sets this apart
from the many many releases out there in this field. After some time
we experience a quieter moment. A moment where lush strings flow elegantly
as the cryptic voice speaks in tones too low to be human. The ghostly melody
of the strings that closes the track is absolutely gorgeous but far too brief.
I wish this one would have ended like the others. More drawn out and left to 
behave freely. Regardless this is an amazing piece.



On the other side we begin with the title track; "Emerging Is Submerging."
Here we are first greeted by alien sound effects. A warped and wet throbbing
sound along with windswept synths and pulsating signals. Rushes spiral us
deeper into oblivion as tones and chimes mingle with unearthly bird songs.
Again we have smothering vibrations and deep deep sonic quakes. A violent
surge in it's infancy. Blind and frantic as it thrashes it's limbs in a
slow awakening. The bass tones here are overpowering at times but other
than that I really have no complaints about the album thus far. metallic
ringing fills the air and disappears leaving wind tunnels to trail behind.
Things begin to quiet down briefly but this is soon interrupted by additional
gusts. The track is in constant movement. Ever upward and downward at once.
At times disorienting but not quite enough to remove enjoyment for the initiated.
Tribal rhythms lurk on the horizon but are soon torn asunder by powerful oceanic
might. Birds congregate to voice their concerns and then they fall silent as a
strange dirge is played through eerie phaser effects. After a time only winds
remain. Metallic sounds like that of a gong or cymbal lightly brushed are heard.
This makes it feel as if something is swift approaching. Something invisible yet
undeniably present. Like an ancient great beast fitfully battling a slumber plagued
by nightmare and terror. It appears this conflict is never-ending for some time. 
Low gusts and clanging metallic chimes eventually appear and lull the beast back
to sleep. In the following stillness we are met with intense yet subdued winds
let loose to do as they please. Luckily for us they have mercy.

The final movement; "Stolen Breaths And Destroyed Hope," begins like a 
combination of tracks two and three. It carries forward what have now
become familiar elements while adding a cyclic rhythm to the windswept
sounds. We hear a rising rustling that sounds like carnivorous insects
slowly chewing away at their prey. The combination of sounds here have
quite a spooky effect overall. It just feels/sounds like you're not alone
as you listen. As if confirming my fears...The voices come. Words are lost
in the town and manner in which the vocals are presented. Inhuman moanings
and sufferings backed by a laborious metallic clang. Strings gather in a way
that causes them to sound like swarming locusts. Like a black cloud of sickness
descending from above. Suspenseful to a degree that few Dark Ambient artists can
manage to capture. It sounds like the arrival of a Biblical plague. Gnashing
and gnawing teeth and tongues are heard as the strings vibrate in organized
chaos. By far one of the most unsettling works I've heard in some time. This
is the sound of fevered suffering. Torment and delirium. Blackened rasps are
heard over countless writhing voices. The strings spiral downward in a dizzying
drop that brings the sounds of many agonies to the center stage. It's like walking
the streets of a ruined city filled with the woeful cries of all it's stricken
inhabitants. The voices repeat like a mantra of punishment as slamming metallic
percussive elements boom and echo in the background. We transition into a low
hum wrapped in thick winds. Deep synth strings slowly dive downwards as other
cinematic synth tones create a suspenseful sense of dread. An inescapable trial
on the horizon. One that will likely equal death to all involved. Throughout we
hear what sounds like metal wires vibrating with strong force upon impact. Dreary
and deadly material. A lurking evil left to creep unchecked.

One of the most exciting dark ambient releases this year. Unfortunately this
is VERY limited so act fast:

-Corey Phillips-


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