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So it appears we have another perverse/S&M/B.D.S.M. themed Power Electronics
project crawling around the underground. With extreme music you are bound to
get extreme subject matter, But are we too desensitized to feel anything from
it? In the case of BEYOND ENCLOSURE...You will feel something...And it may not 
be pleasant. BEYOND ENCLOSURE is a Portuguese duo consisting of front woman 
Samantha Diabolik and "The Analyst" Who is none other than Andre Coelho who
is known by his past works with SEKTOR 304. S-304 may be no more but Coelho
proves he is not ready to throw in the towel. Dungeon Of Total Void offers
us eight tracks of pure electronic perversion. Sonic fantasies where debauchery
reigns and clinical horror blends with intoxicating pleasure. Let us commence.

The blurred album cover depicting two obscured shadowy figures is about as
detailed a glance as we'll have of who holds our fate as we stay in these 
eight suites of torment and ecstasy. "Into The Dungeon" opens, Taking us 
into BEYOND ENCLOSURE's own brand of frightening and erotic depravity with
lo-fi static walls that seem to be covered in a dripping viscous liquid.
Animalistic breathing is heard over buzzing electronics and black ashen
atmospheres. Inhuman growls and rumbles mix with spectral whispers, Rattling 
chains, And overall unsettling vibes. A machine whirs to life and adds it's
vibrating voice to the murky dirge spread out before us. This happens in 
brief intervals. A warm hum to give a false sense of comfort in an inhospitable
environment. This is the ambiance of a slow, Painful death on the horizon. Buzz-
saw blades grind and wear down at our resistance to fear and perversion. This
tolerance we've long acquired will soon be shattered.  

See-saw drone waves come in oscillating, Churning blasts that invoke nausea and
dis-ease. Next this becomes a smotheringly, Oppressively loud Power Electronics 
style synth pulse. Multiple rhythms populate the deep depths of the central drone.
Like a core expanding outward with multiple reflections of itself busily buzzing
around it. The electronics serve as the altar. The vocals are delivered as cold,
Clinical demands. Devoid of any single shred of empathy. Almost robotic, Stern
spoken orders are delivered in a soft but arresting manner. The voice is female
and heavily treated with effects/vocal filters. Multiple layers are heard at
once as if the vocalist is possessed or connected to some inhuman source of
energy. Hazy Dark Ambient strands glide and hang over as distant cries of
unimagined agony echo beyond peripheral spheres. Male vocals intertwine.
Equally cold and malevolent. Whirring electronic pulses send coded messages
into the mind. Brainwashing tactics to reduce the listener into a submissive
slave towards BEYOND ENCLOSURE's shadowy agendas. This is one of the most
legitimately disturbing albums I've heard since I first discovered GNAW THEIR
TONGUES. A level of grim clarity has been achieved here that few others have
managed to attain. Feedback and vacuous atmospheres arise and take us into
a dense corridor with a slow rhythmic pulse. Like a heartbeat in a slow motion
state of panic. Dense junk metal sounds form a shaky percussive element as 
strange, Cutting feedback comes in subdued, But violent shrill lashes. Glowing
synth resonance and static laced bass churning movements sweep in and carry us
away into a drug-like oblivion. A repeating mantra of the words "Autoerotik
Punishment" still rings in my ears.

Heavy, Punchy electronic jabs repeat over dizzying drones and various layers
of experimental noise and inventive texturing. Vocals hit as ragged wails. I 
believe it is a male subject delivering the cryptic phrases this time. The voice
is drowning in delay/reverb but still very audible. Feedback is heavily relied
on here along with some really intense drone work. Corrosive distortion roars
from the bowels of the track. Walls of wailing voices are heard creating an
atmosphere of horrid suffering. Pulses and chirps come in various forms to
chip away at our comfort...Or perhaps offer up a place in a nihilistic void 
of pure experience on varying levels???...Guess it depends on what you look 
for in music. I like to take the Hellraiser approach..."We Have Such Sights
To Show You." and all that shit...Just keep it horrific, Sleazy, And full of
death, Sex, Darkness and insanity...So this is exactly what I've been looking 
for personally. Mix that with my personal tendency to be a disturbed pervert 
and horror/true crime fanatic and you've got a winning combo for an individual
like myself. I know a lot of Power Electronics, Death Industrial, Harsh Noise, 
And Dark Ambient fans alike have been craving a depraved release such as this.
(Even if they don't always admit it.) "Electrical Surrender" (Such a beautiful
track title) finishes it's session off with grimey surges and nails on chalkboard
level feedback. A spoken female voice comes distorted by sheets of crisp static.
The unknown elements that are heard and hinted at are a really nice touch. Keeps
things dark and mysterious. Free-form experimentation seems to be utilized just
enough to keep things interesting but never too much. Static walls crackle, A
moaning resonance devours...And we shamble deeper into the miserable darkness.

I often think of dilapidated basements, Rusted pipes, Walls dripping with
filthy water and overall inhabitable areas when listening to this style of
music. The caustic Industrial sounds and imagery go hand in hand. "Basement
Paraphilia" is a great example of what I'm talking about. Murky synthetic 
voices. Spoken intro. Already eerie. There is a hollow tone in the voice
that makes it feel like it's coming from a body completely void of empathy.
Hollow. Feedback and tidal drones crush us suddenly. Booming rhythms, Moaning
drones and feedback with a strange melodic quality join the mix. An empty
resonance howls in the distance. Static textures and distant distorted 
voices weave in and out and then we fade into a slightly more somber
passage where emotionless female spoken word phrases are recited over
hospital atmospheres and crude self-surgery electronics. The bass elements
are incredible here. Someone did a top fucking notch mixing job. Swirling
hazy textures and emergency alarms are heard as deep backing vocals amp
the doom levels up. Spoken phrases full equipped in strange effects/filters
and put through a ringer of manipulation end the piece.

This truly sounds like what it says it is. Slow motion wind cycles whip
by our ears. As if generated by some massive industrial turbine. Pulsing
electronic instruments go to work as an unnerving feedback begins to ring.
Empty vacuous atmospheres and wavering drones all mesh. Volume increases.
Heavy bass. Heavy resonance. Heavy everything. Echoing spoken/shouted phrases
are delivered with a deadly passion. Pulses circle the head through phaser
filters. Doom laden dirges churn underneath as unseen figures wail in torment.
Vocalist "The Analyst" speaks like a man giving orders. Grim commands that will
surely lead to bodily damage. Things shift into powerful phased out drones that
carry a haunting echo with them. Funeral drones hit with sloth paced force as the
sounds of the "vortex" from the intro are heard over high-end electric purring.
The way it's mixed has a really cool pendulum effect which makes it even better.

Pure Death Industrial. Corrosive static and filthy electronic sludge.
Debris, Grime, Dirt and worse gather beneath and coil into slow serpentine
motions. Death rattles and sub-bass rivers. Quaking percussive elements and
cold, Calculated male/female vocals with extremely "alien" effects behind
them to amp them up. The subject matter is dark. The atmosphere is darker.
Dingy and dim lit corridors of sonic malignancy. The vocalists play off of
one another like a surgeon and nurse. No emotion...And no hope for you.
Next Horror Ambient blends perfectly with clinical Power Electronics.
Crackling static lashes land in timed intervals of additional cruelty.
BEYOND ENCLOSURE and the feelings they invoke from the listener are the 
musical equivalent of an watching actual snuff film that takes place in
the most depraved B.D.S.M. society imaginable. If the film hostel was a
porno. The track ends on a long melancholic drone followed by a single
vague phrase. Discomfort as an art form.

"Chain Of Command" forces us into submission as slithering electronics
ignite erotic imaginations. Heavy Industrial drone pulses drill into
our heads as a cacophony of static horror and agonized screams of total
fucking terror are heard along with ghastly choirs, Feedback assaults 
that come in Attack/Recoil styled strikes, Robotic spoken phrases, All
kinds of really fucked up shit. It is evident in this track more than
any other that a member of SEKTOR 304 was involved. This sounds quite
a lot like S-304 at their very very finest...In fact I honestly might
think this is even better somehow. The female element really adds to
the seductive vibes. (Plus I've got a thing for accents and she's
got one of those.) The force of the electric surge that follows what
was apparently the track's intro is immaculate. BEYOND ENCLOSURE are
obviously doing P.E. of the highest fucking caliber. The bar has been
reset. Everything that makes Death Industrial and Power Electronics
my favorite types of music is present here. Plasma blasts unwind over
a field of barren static energy. The void howls restlessly as rhythmic
distorted drones climb over shifting sub-bass currents. All fades into
a slow motion avalanche. Cascading fragments crumble and crash in the
distance as glassy winter ambiance resonates along to a synchronized
choir of feedback. Some really vibrant Ambient textures here for those
of you that really soak in the atmospheres.

"Black Rubber Man" may sound like an innocent song title to some but
in this case that "rubber" man is likely drugged up, Suffocating in 
latex and being subjected to a vibrating foreign device forced crudely
into any given orifice...A strong pulsating electronic backbone featuring
wet signals, Creepy looped deep exhalations, Throbbing bass currents and
eerie spoken word. Feminine, Erotic, And very fucking dangerous. Samantha
Diabolik sounds like a pretty girl. The kind that'll string you up from the
ceiling, Tie your balls up, Being sure to cut off all circulation, Turn the 
lights out, Leave the room and bolt the door shut. The atmospheres here
shift and morph forming a twisting corridor of nightmare ambient. High
levels of anxiety are injected into each sound utilized here. Truly
unsettling tones. Sounds that force discomfort and unease. Clinical to
the point that you might start feeling a little insane listening to this
alone late at night. Unless you're like me...Then probably a little turned
on...I should probably seek help but I'm not going to. I've accepted what
I am. Luckily for me, There are artists like BEYOND ENCLOSURE to cater to
immoral freaks like myself...




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