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This is another one of my favorite Noise releases from this year. 
It's one that seems to have fallen below the radar as I expected 
more hype to build around this after hearing it. PCRV presents five 
nameless tracks that seem to get weirder and harsher as one turns into 
the next. Each track is over ten minutes in length which roughly brings
this monolithic album to over an hours worth of playtime. The album art 
hints at vague surrealist themes with a bit of a modern/contemporary art edge. 
The music however takes us into an exhaustive journey through cosmic Sci-Fi/
Spacey Noise, Strange synth filled alien worlds and black hole galaxies.
There is a lot of force and power on this one. Buckle in and let the 
pressure crush you. 

Track one. We accelerate and ascend into over fifteen minutes of 
experimental drifting. Lovecraftian madness slowly enfolds as a stellar mix 
calmly gathers and begins to drip from out of the speakers. Melodic glitches, 
Spraying static, Deep bass synth rumbles, Screeching feedback...It all blends 
into a daydream. A soundtrack for dismal wandering. The melodic elements are
simple, Yet haunting. Icy tones and textures seem to mimic the drip of melting
stalagmites. Acid laced strands of sound rise and fall as warning signals ascend
and drop. Humming drones churn into foreboding sub-melodic rhythms. Phased out
pedal noise grinds, Twists, Turns, Shrieks, Fades and repeats. Moments here sound
like alien machinations revving up to fulfill malevolent purposes. Wet effects are
utilized on pinging unearthly lead patterns that attempt to blur reality. Myriad
disorienting lulls are employed. I don't know what sinister plot PCRV is attempting
to unfurl...But it's certainly pulling me in. Tractor beam electronics. Threatening
experimental freak outs lash out and recoil as an entire pedal board seems to put in 
overtime. Multiple signals and transmissions fill the air while shimmering synths
warp into screaming feedback. Cyclic patterns spin like satellites in orbit. The
moments that seem still and quieter are often the most sinister sounding. Matt
Taggart is a man who is in control of his gear. Meticulously crafted and composed
work here. Although the nature of the release is very experimental...It is apparent
that Taggart really knows what he's doing as he's on a level close to mastery with
Contemporary Processing. Violent outbursts over doomy interstellar drifts, Spiraling
textures and repeating feedback segments finish up track one, Leaving you spellbound 
in it's dizzying sonic brilliance. 

Track two is the longest here at over sixteen and a half minutes. A punchy synth
drone intro comes on wavering wings. Slow and curious, As if inviting us further 
down the rabbit hole. Resonant energy reaches peak levels as turning knobs produce
grinding electronic power. Static gathers in several low gusts that seem to linger
rather than rage. Feedback and Harsh Noise lead notes reach skyward over and over
again. Music for meteor showers and solar eclipses. Just about every effect and
filter you can imagine is used at some point. There is a duality to this release
as well. Calm backing tracks serve as launchpads for free form electronic fuckery.
The mix is quite intoxicating. The pedals chirp, Hum, Grunt and choke in countless
different ways. At times sounding like creatures from another plane of existence
far beyond our own. Around midway through track two this becomes a frenzied gathering.
Harsh blasts finally erupt and storm until they fall to sudden silence. Crystal beams
shimmer providing a brief relief before we're hit again. It sounds like we're in a 
vessel that is quickly spiraling to a fiery death. Every alarm, Pulse, Signal and alert
is firing off as we head into the red zone. All becomes a haze of intensity and adrenaline.
Pedals reach max peaks and fall off into immense drones. This is followed by a near silence
populated by scratching textures. Loud bursts suddenly hit and vanish. A mock crescendo that
leaves us in a state of anxious uncertainty. The feeling that disaster approaches but having
no way of knowing exactly what, Where or how to prepare. Guess we're fucked cause all Hell
just broke lose. PCRV lacerates the listener to shreds with a combined attack of Cut-Up
Noise and dense overblown static blasts. It ends with cold empty drones and playful Noise
experiments. Dead or dreaming. At this point...Who knows...

Track Three is the shortest, But here that means slightly over ten minutes. Ultra
dense rock slide rhythms covered in reverb quickly build. It sounds like a cavernous
sub-terranean world has revealed itself before us. Hurried pulses fire off and squeal.
Another gathering of bizarre inhuman lifeforms perhaps? Miniature plasma cannons shoot
the shit bat-like chirps meet with rough distorted scratching. Murky pools bubble and
froth, Synths gain momentum and start to take flight, Failing in their own frustration.
Quick patterns and chaotic rhythms appear as Sci-Fi soundtrack synths play out songs
of warning. The musical equivalent of a sign reading "Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter
Here." Cinematic terror begins to sink it's heavy claws in as tones weave together
to form new threats. Luckily this fades before completely consuming us. What we have
after that is a really fucking out there demonstration of just how off the wall Noise
music can be. I don't even know how to word it to be honest. Alien sounds from alien
worlds. It's as if PCRV has opened a portal to another dimension, Shoved our asses
in, And sealed the rift behind him with the turn of a knob.

Track four. Fourteen minutes/Thirty nine seconds. Sonic death. Harsh Noise rushes
in and smothers the life out of everything. Like some asshole just opened a door
that was sealed for a fucking reason and now we're all fucked. Punching synth 
attacks are delivered hard. Type of shit that will smack the smirk off your
damn face. PCRV was just fucking with us before. Like a beast toying with it's
prey before sinking it's sharp static fangs in. Everything that was present
on previous tracks is amped up, Cranked to ten and set lose. A blur of every
aggressive and disorienting tone and sound PCRV could manage to conjure up...
Unless he is holding back in which case I guess we should be thankful. This
is some truly oppressive work. Turbines roar, Whine and take off. Rocket
engines melt all in their radius as fires light. Feedback pours in heavy
streams. Pure Harsh Noise Hell. If this is just a warm up for the closing
track then we're in serious fucking trouble. Caustic atmospheres blow in
and storm shit up as high notes squeal over glitched out soundscapes. 
Fragile glass-like melodies play out as the mind creates odd images of
uninhabitable landscapes. Piston rhythms pump and smash, Drones break
and fall into obliteration, Knives of plasma slice in psychic attacks,
And all is utterly consumed. A mindfuck and a half.

The final track is a little over twelve and a half minutes long. It
finishes things off in a manner similar to the previous but more
hazy and smothered. Obscured patterns attempt to emerge from under
a thick smokey blanket of dense Harsh Noise. Caustic, Seething, Scathing,
However you want to describe it...It's ferocious. Hissing noise like that
caused by steam rushing out of a broken pipe is heard as rhythmic signals
transmit looped messages unknown receivers. We're definitely in much harsher
territory than we started out in. PCRV doesn't let up once things kick off.
This track particularly has a real old school Sci-Fi quality to it if you pay
attention to the details within the massive haze that conceals them...It's a 
damn near religious experience by the time you get halfway through this track.
Such a sensory overload that it feels like your head is about to fucking explode.
As far as Harsh/Experimental Noise goes...This is my favorite release of 2016.
Absolutely fucking crushing. HEAVY low end bass rhythms pummel their way into
existence over and over again as spacey drones wail through delay/reverb.
Various drones gather and echo off of one another as sheets of static wrap
themselves around. Clouds of hazardous sound come as a solid mass and I 
think my brain might be melting? Slimy wet electronics slither up your
spine as the album comes to a close. What a fucking trip. Awesome from 
start to finish.



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