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The opening track to this monolithic three disc set is a titanic
beast of a track clocking in at almost twenty six minutes.Thick
blades of razor sharp synths bleed out like a fresh gash and fill
the air with a deep sense of dread.Pulsating rhythms wrapped
in strange effects joined by low winds begin to slowly paint a
picture of a desolate wasteland.This has an oldschool Death
Industrial vibe to it throughout the entire track.Bursts of fuzzed
out distortion pave the way for pounding bass drums and clashing
metallics acting as snares.A minimal death march in slow motion.
Not quick and painless...Slow and painful...A downward spiral of
absolute agony.There is a lot going on in the background for such
a dense track...Like all of your fears manifesting in unison as they
join together in one giant mass of malignancy...So many nameless
horrors creep in the far corners and distant shadows and as the song
progresses they only grow closer and closer.A second death march is
heard...This time louder and more frightening than the first.Sub-bass
heavy synths drone on and huge strands of deep and semi distorted
synth leads join in soon after.This sort of reminds me of some of the
more electronic oriented instrumentals of PINK FLOYD.Like when
the massive hammers are marching like faceless soldiers into death
and destruction.The tempo builds and takes on a tribal quality as
howling winds rush by and bite your ears.Warped and phased out
electronics join like static electricity in the eye of a storm...Peter
Nystrom has brought fourth a fucking monster here.Deep electronics
take over in surges of power and might and then we are treated to yet
another session of mechanic drum beats.White hot steam and blasts of
pure static in timed bursts add to the chaos.Double bass drums click like
the hooves of war horses on the horizon.This shit will tear you apart and
run you over.When we say that this is heavy, we mean fucking HEAVY!!!
There is so much here to offer the listener and keep them engaged.Words
can not do it justice.Avalanches of noise demolish all in their path.Drums
fade in and out and then hammer you into submission.Harsh noise swirls
along with sampled spoken vocals and frantic screams.If the terror of being
forced into a concentration camp could be sampled and mirrored in a track
then this is it...And you get an all expenses paid stay in a deluxe suite of pain.
There are a lot of tracks to cover here so I am gonna let you check this out for
yourselves.All I can say is by the end of the track you will be wrecked beyond
salvation and begging for more...Lucky for you there are three fucking discs of
material to be obliterated by here...Oh, and this was released by MALIGNANT 
records so if that doesn't get your attention then your probably on the wrong 
fucking website.

As if the previous beating wasn't enough NEGRU VODA has decided
to kick us while we're down and hard! Low rumbling synths and high
end noise that scrapes the inside of your ear drums like claws or talons.
Huge early Industrial style drumming.Minimal but effective as shit.
But wait...There's more.Shrill and high shrieks come at you like harpies
in a divebomb.It sounds like a morgue full of dead babies coming back 
to life in a state of pure agony.This is some creepy and disturbing shit.
I don't know what the fuck is going on to cause such a living Hell but
whatever it is we need more of it.NEGRU VODA has summoned some
truly unique and horrifying stuff here.

This neat little alternate version starts with thick electronics
wrapped in static and flooding synth dread ambience.Spoken
vocals are sampled and give this a sort of THROBBING GRISTLE
type quality to it.Broken glass percussion's and huge Industrial 
drum beats.This reminds me of CABARET VOLTAIRE at times
but with more noise thrown in the mix.The track isn't really 
harsh but it still holds it's own in terms of heaviness and as the
track progresses things are really taken up a notch or two.There's
some really interesting phaser work in the second half of the track.
This is almost nine minutes long and holds the listeners attention for
it's entire duration.Quality entertainment.Can't ask for much more than 

Dark ambiance being strangled into submission by sharp blasts of
harsh noise and feedback.Rhythms that sound like they were crafted
from pure electricity and ultra deep sub-bass that sounds like it was
played on an actual bass guitar rather than generated with synths.
At times it sounds like the track is slow and fast paced in unison.As
it progresses layers gather and textures build as well as become harsher
and more distorted.What sounds like loud drums smothered in grade A
crunchy distortion are heard.This is something you'll want to be infected by.

Sharps synths being devoured by ENV filters strike the listener
like cracking whips.Deep resonating ambiance flows beneath like an
undercurrent of darkness."Kompressor" is a fifteen minute swim through
treacherous black waters...Horrid things lurk around every corner like
tentacled monsters.Ringing feedback rides the current like a lost transmission.
Minimal programmed drums appear like peaking creatures and quickly hide
before something bigger swallows them whole.After a while they seem to summon
the courage to venture out further and make some noise.Strange samples that sound
like a scared child speaking in distress fill the void and then vanish.Things start to get
really weird around halfway in and it begins to sound like you are wandering through
another dimension.Cracks of static and synths that sound like the part of a horror film
when the killer is in stalker mode transport you into another realm of terror.Again we
have some awesome bass work to back the track.Odd and captivating sounds fill the
air with wonder to lure you in and eat you alive.Sharp frequencies of feedback return
and then it's off to the next audio disease.

This eight minute disc closer opens with harsh static noise and computer feedback.
Something is chanted and then spoken in a foreign tongue.Beautiful synth strings
peak and vanish as we hear a death march through sweeping winds.Additional synths
with interesting voices and what sounds like manipulated clean electric guitar can be
heard as well.Slow and eerie just as proper Death Industrial should be.Everything spirals
down in a slow moan and drops us face first in a pool of ultra deep oil thick synths.Gentle
pianos and the stirring strings from before attempt to assure you that everything is ok but
don't let them fool you.Spoken voices return and we are tossed further into the muck.This
is some dark shit right here.NEGRA VODA have taken the time to school you on how Death
Industrial should sound.Random percussion's rattle your nerves and shake your sanity loose
as haunting pianos are played by the unseen hands of ghosts.The crushing synths are so strong
that they almost sound like Drone Doom guitars...Heavy, distorted and utterly earth shaking.
Sort of like WOLVSERPENT or AELTER.A single chime rings out and all falls silent.


Disc two literally begins with the sounds made from a needle stuck at
the end of a record.Music made from the end of music.There is a sense
of sarcasm to this track but also one of curiosity.It is no surprise when
a member of the Noise scene attempts to create a track out of something
as random as this.I have heard much stranger things since my time here at
Traumatic Static and I am sure I will hear stranger things in the near future.
This may just be a needle skipping over a broken record but I have heard
people say that's what Noise sounds like to them...Love it or hate it, I could
care less...Static in rhythm...It works for me.

Much louder than the previous track.Apparently a lot happens when NEGRU
VODA goes Radiotronik on your ass.Sweeping blasts of deep distortion and
hazy static rip through your ears like a twister on a rampage.Now it seems
like NEGRU VODA has decided to school all you kids on Harsh Noise as well.
This switches from dense to high end frequencies when it sees fit.As long as it
is ripping your ass apart I think Peter Nystrom is content with it.This isn't straight
HNW type stuff...There are patterns in this cloud of chaos.Each addition seems to
serve a purpose to bring it all together as a whole.This just goes to show that NEGRU
VODA is an entity of many faces.

Spoken word samples speak of rape and murder.The overall vibe is one of 
a dark and dreary crime noire scene.One where slick dressed detectives are
ready to get to the bottom of things.One where the killer is still on the loose.
Static rhythms flow into the air and fill it with an intensity that can only be
described as anticipation.A strong sense of knowing something terrible will
soon take place but unsure of what, where or how...Or most importantly whom.
Live wire electric noise builds and grows as it rushes fourth in an urgent storm.
Something is approaching and silently forcing its way within as the song title
suggests.Muffled voices gather all around you...They seem to be in the process
of interrogating suspects.Screaming noises pulse and reach in your direction.
We are going into dark territory and will soon find ourselves swallowed alive.

Deathly cold Dark Ambient.Rushing winds and moaning noises pour out
and usher in the arrival of dense rhythms and static movement.High end
feedback and shrieking tones rise.It sounds like a cord is being unwound 
and stretched by hands in latex gloves.Squeaky and sterile.The instruments
of premeditated murders in progress.Lashes of static strip the skin off your
back in repeated agony.Slow and malignant but bearing a grin like razor wire.
Shifting glacial movements slide and form living breathing entity created by
your own paranoid imagination.This is the sound of things that go bump in
the night running rampant.

I have no idea what kind of apparatus was used to create this but whatever
it was it made for an excellent instrument for a noise track.Strange clicking
sounds like the mandibles of many insects dissecting a fresh kill are heard.
The static rhythms that have been so prevalent on this disc make another
appearance as well.Crunching destruction soon follows along with buzzing
flies and the powerful moans of some writhing beast lost in a great storm of
snow and ice.Both dangerous and relaxing...Like a soft and hypnotizing lull
that reduces you to a vegetative state and then sinks it's fangs deep inside to
liquefy your organs and drink your essence.At times it is like you can hear your
body becoming a shriveled sack of skin and bones...Sucked dry and left to rot.
One final strike at the end seals the deal and you become part of a nice pile
of bodies.

Much like "Silent Force Entry" this starts with spoken word samples that
sound like they were taken from a classic and disturbing black and white
movie.The type of thing you would have seen at a drive-thru theater in
the 1950's...Perfect for bringing a young woman to get scared and bothered
so you can feel like a big man and "protect" her...Little did you know this 
would be your last night out.Harsh strands of grinding noise drill into your
skull like the tools of an autopsy.Laid out on a cold steel operating table.
Devices are all around you pumping your innards and extracting your fluids.
Skin is peeled and wounds are probed and inspected.Hoses vacuum the very
blood from your veins and replace it with embalming fluids and various chemicals
to preserve a look of life and vitality.In truth...You are dead.Marching rhythms are
heard as your flesh is beat and shaped like meat in a market.Further suctioning and
violations await.

Massive machines pump great currents of air for an unknown purpose.
The engine of the mechanical nightmare growls and struggles with each
gust.A giant vacuum come to obliterate everything in it's path for no clear

Electronic currents surge like blood in veins.Monotron like synth drones
and crackling static.The wings of insects flicker like candles flames creating
another drone to compliment the one before.This is similar to the previous
track in the way that it seems to exist for an obscure and unclear purpose.We
are not certain what it is that NEGRU VODA is trying to express with this and
we only have a one word title to entertain our imaginations.The great thing 
about noise is that there doesn't have to be a clear answer.Just enjoy it as an
audio exploration and let it engulf you.

Over fifteen minutes in the inferno.Sampled chimes and pre-recorded, computerized
voices in a foreign tongue.Swarming winds that lick the flesh with tongues like knives.
Huge Death Industrial drumming in a crushing march of mechanical destruction.This
time NEGRU VODA has come to bring the pain.This fierce storm rolls out like a tyrant
in the company of warmongers.Conquest and victory are all that matter and the assault
has begun.This feels angry and inhuman.An all out onslaught without emotion or remorse.
A great death machine come to end all and claim what remains as a badge of honor.Icy blasts
of wind come in immense gusts.Electric pulses along with grinding bonesaws.Imagine the marching
hammers from PINK FLOYD's "The Wall" stomping through your town in the dead of winter.That is
sort of what this sounds like.The drums are at ease for a brief moment and then return with a vengeance.
A haze of whispers in panic fills the air as frenzied static and moaning machines are set loose on an unprotected
public.In other words.This is a massacre.Much later the pounding drums cease and slicing blades take their place.
Voices in sickness and suffering hang heavy in the air in a grand display of the aftermath of the carnage that came
before.Shotgun blast drums sound off one after another until all fades into debris and ash.

Harsh noise on the severe high end blares out into your ears.Welcome to the institute.
A place where you can get a lobotomy in five minutes as an out patient procedure.Rising
mid-level noise comes in a haze of distortion.Sub-bass movements and sterile winds are
heard accompanying the arrival of Dr. Nystrom.Rhythms that mirror your racing pulse are
heard as he prepares his saws and utensils for the operation.A heavy sense of doom floods
the room and impending dread sets in.Things begin to grow still and quiet for a short time
as things begin to take place.Fear and adrenaline are replaced by a numb stupor as the doctor
begins his work.As the medication drips into your veins you feel it wash over you and you slip
into oblivion.Industrial percussion's pound and echo in your head.These are the outside sounds
of the horrors around you penetrating your mind.You awaken catatonic to a silent world.

Synth drones rise and vibrate within the walls of your skull.Moaning bass tones give way
to groaning sub-bass churning and howling noise as the world outside of your head slowly
crumbles and fades away.You are being removed from your own self and left to drift and wander
in the spirit.Floating through an empty and void place.Anxiety builds in the form of crunching
electronics and static electricity.This has both a dreamy and nightmarish effect all at once.It starts
to sound like a living mass of energy is slowly chewing you to bits.Eating you alive from the inside
out.This is a perfect showcase of how a true noise track is done and the transcending effect that
are brought fourth through experiencing such a thing.Fragments of vocals can be heard breaking
apart and vanishing in glitched displays.Hi-hats and cymbals appear and vanish adding movement
and another layer of overall strangeness.Multiple textures are blended and spliced forming a surreal
current that breaths raw life into the piece.This is one of my favorite NEGRU VODA tracks just because
of the eerie and inhuman quality it holds.NEGRU VODA can most certainly still your head.

The finale of disc two starts with a minimal hum.Your mind begins to form patterns out
of the long stretches of sound until actual patterns arrive.When I say that this track is 
minimal I mean that in the truest sense of the word."Mono/Stereo" is pure sound for a
purpose you may or may not understand.Distant pulses gather and rush out to their own
distruction in an infinite cycle.This track is comprised of sub-bass tones that will shake 
your windows and floorboards if played loudly.The type of stuff that can somehow wreck
your speakers with pulses of near silence.Human ears can perceive many strange things.
This is one of them.


The final disc has some of my personal favorite tracks from NEGRU VODA.
Track one Starts with the sound of helicopter blades slashing the air
and emergency transmissions...Then BOOM! Heavy metallic percussion's
pound you into submission and force your attention.We have crash landed
in a pit of total despair.Cold minimal ambiance and distant knocking sounds.
Synth strings add a sense of suspense and curiosity as they invite you further
down the rabbit hole.Spoken words in a foreign tongue can be heard causing further
confusion and wonder.Clicking electronics make it feel like the sands of time are
running low and add a feeling of danger and urgency.Electronic drum beats bring a
pace and create a "rush to the finish" sort of atmosphere.Slow and crushing just
as Death Industrial should be.

The mine shaft flows right into the drill.Again there is a curious ambiance that
causes you to want to explore deeper.Plucked strings echo in a crystal clear atmosphere.
Shifting sounds are heard in the distance but their source is unknown.Buzzing electronics
form drones and vanish as inhuman voices moan in a peculiar manner...Like ghastly spirits
lost and wandering.Ultra heavy industrial drums begin and annihilate everything in their
path.This track absolutely stomps!!! Distorted static rhythms swarm in the air and take 
of at light speed.The track most certainly drills it's way into your skull.Pulsating beats
and thick electronics digging deep to unearth something I can't even imagine.You could not
ask for a better example of Death Industrial.The rhythms switch from one ear to the other
causing you to feel like NEGRU VODA is swallowing you whole.And my recommendation would be
to let it engulf you until you utterly lose yourself in the brilliant sounds presented here.

Pulsing synths wrapped in strange effects drill their way into your senses like surgical
tools.Rumbling sub-bass drones quake beneath the surface as deep bass drums begin to add
a pulse like a pounding heart.The sounds of machinery create a wall of debris that chokes
the oxygen from the air and brings the claustrophobic effect NEGRU VODA was surely going 
for.Beeping devices like life support systems can be heard as well as time-stretched chimes
that create a surreal layer of sound that seems to float above the rest.It sounds like a
great number of medical devices are attempting to keep you alive as well as keep you calm.
You can almost feel the drip of the medication entering your veins.Chilling winds blow right
outside your window joined by feedback and strange, haunting tones.A waking nightmare.

Bleak soundscapes heavy in dread and despair.Diembodied voices communicate with one
another in low almost whispered tones.Distorted rhythms corrode and crumble as dozens
of television sets click on and off one after another.Slow and perfectly timed percussion's
pound out in heavy stomps.You can feel their vibrations in the air long after.Noises phase
in and out as the intensity of the peice grows.The air is filled with static and electricity.
Beeps and bloops from failed radio transmissions.It sounds like a hundred ghosts are trying to
reach out to you through the airwaves in a desperate plea for help.News broadcasts reporting
politics and disasters appear in fragments and fade away.Like a condensed history of the entire
human race.

Once again we have another version of this track.This one starts out with spoken samples and
mid-paced industrial drumming.The drums bring to mind early FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY or SLEEP CHAMBER
but the track it'self is it's own entity.Sampled arguments play out over a vortex of wind and
super low synth drones.Electronic waves roll in and out pushing the track along with the drums.
A great track with great rhythms.One you can tap your toes to for sure.

Pure dense distortion gives way to minimal bass drums and rising currents of rhythmic noise.
Fist pounded percussions and flesh ripping electronics.Secondary rhythms rush by like air
blown into your ears and everything starts to take form.A shambling monstrocity with no
sense or reason.It simply exists to exist as it treads on towards an unknown destination.
Imagine Godzilla heading towards tokyo with nothing but hunger and self gratification on
his mind.This one sounds something like that.

The last track presented here in the "Islay" cycle.Similar to the others but with slight
differences in structure and composition.We still have those relentless pounding rhythms
and bestial machinery.Harsh waves of static that come and go as they please.Dreary ambiance
is still burried beneath the crusted and eroded bottom layer of the track.Hornet like buzzing
tones pass by on their way to nowhere.Destructive jolts of live wire electricity radiating
hazardus volts lash out over ever changing beats.If you are into artists like PROSTATE or
YOUTH CODE but have a taste for Death Industrial then this is for you.The smell of islay 
clocks in at a little over thirteen minutes so there is a lot to experience.The drums vanish
and everything turns into phased out static that passes from one ear to the other in what feels
like an unending cycle.It sounds like fighter jets as they ascend and then soar on their way to
war.Once they reach the vanishing point of the horizon we hear a tidal wave of plasma quickly
approaching.Pulsing drones heavy in bass and static.Drums reappear and slowly work their way
to the front.You could almost consider this Martial Industrial at times as it has a real militant
vibe to it.NEGRU VODA obviously takes his work very seriously and is a dedicated soldier to say
the least so you could consider it militant in that respect as well.Snares are smacked violently
as the battle rages on.The pace picks up with double bass fury and high end noise screeching like
eagles.Pretty intense stuff to say the least.Towards the end everything just becomes immensly heavy.
Inhuman and cold as ice.

We end it all with a monolithic track at just under twenty minutes.Emergency news broadcasts are
heard echoing over frenzied blasts of static.Emergency sirens blare in the air as people shout
and scream in panic.We are in the midst of a disaster and there is little anyone can do.Reports
on explosions are recited as massive amounts of sub-bass flood the scene.Swirling noises and
screaming feedback.It sounds like a real life horror show.The atmosphere is uneasy and frantic.
Confussion fills the air as people swarm in a hopeless attempt to find shelter and locate their
loved ones.It's like being present for the impact of a terrorist attack.Layers of sound are organized
and ordered to flow under it all in a brilliant fashion.Chain-lined fences rattle as riots begin.The
citizens want answers and they want them now.Haunting voices carry on the breeze and add a hollow
emptiness that perfectly mirros the hearts of the people involved.Cutting noise slices the air and
cuts deep holes to allow more tension to flow in.Distant rhythms start and stop as everything begins
to blur.We sink deep down into a pool of quiet ambiance.Discussions, debates and reports still lingering
in the ashen air.Clouds of smoke roll in along with grinding electronics.Tiny disasters can be heard as
they take place in the distance.Roaring distortion grows thicker and thicker like smoke blacking out the
sun.Glitcy drum beats and pounding war drums signal the arrival of whatever military faction has been ordered
to handle the situation.Advanced weapons are loaded up and it's time for corrupt government to handle business
their way.Casulties are of no concern.General well being is not even thought of.This is simply a mission and
nothing more.Warped electronics ride the air like bolts of lightening as machine guns are fired off with rapid
destruction.Feedback screams in a last cry as it dies to the sounds of shattered glass and orchestral strings.
Cinematic and glorious.It sounds like an empire rising in a triumphant march to victory.Once the vocals come
in it starts to sound similar to NDE but as dark as MZ.412.NEGRU VODA sounds like a fucking war machine hell
bent on destruction...And this is the last impression left by the album.




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