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Grant Richardson AKA GNAWED is a fucking beast.
EVERYONE involved in the Power Electronics "scene"
in any way,shape and form needs to take note of what
He's doing as GNAWED has single handedly raised the bar
and set a new standard for what can be accomplished within
the confines of a genre.The quality of the work presented
within these 12 tracks is top notch so with that being said
lets get into the mind numbing music on this album.
Walls of warped static rise and welcome us in as thick
pulsing synths and howling winds wrap themselves around
the room.The atmosphere is hostile as grinding noize begins
to fill in the empty spaces in the background.Metallic clanging
and strange whispers.This is only an introduction.Sampled voices,
Male and female start a blurred conversation like overhearing surgeons
in a fevered dream.Warped distorted screams come out of nowhere in
defiance of their sinister spoken plans.Grant sounds like a man at
the end of his rope and with a rope in his hand to place upon your
Deep throbbing basslines crawl along with feedback and harsh static.
This sounds like walking through a nightmare.Think Hellraiser or
Silent Hill just more barren and less inviting.Droning pulses give way
to vocals much different to the first track.Here it sounds like frantic
strangled gasps of one drowning with a bit of an NTT quality to them.
"Drums" can be heared in the form of a backbone of various clanging
metals and grinding rythms.The whole general vibe takes a death industrial
turn for the worst in the best possible way.Seething tendrils of chaos choking
the life out of all that has life.
An Instru(Mental) track of harsh metallic assualts.Grinding your senses into
a powder and then snorting them to go into the next track in a psychotic high.
The thickest pulsing industrial grade synths I have ever heared in a power
electronics song endlessly bleeding out over a graveyard of rusty metal objects
being molested by a necrophiliac beast as he screams through a throat of effects
in asphyxiated bursts.A howling wind cries in woe and retribution though it seems
it is all for nothing as is evident by the audio torment ceaslessly pouring out.
The vocals change throughout this album keeping thins interesting as the album
progresses although giving the quality of the music that is much more an added
bonus than a nessecity.All drops into a vile pit that is the following track.
Odd manipulated noise in a bubbling cauldron cooking up more madness.Faint voices
can be heared screaming in the distance along with pounding and crashing metallic
waste in a far off avalanche.Spacey tones rise and fall like an emergency alarm
signaling that shit just got bad and the ground below looks worse.Crashing and scraping
as the alarms sound once more then it's lights out.
Hissing static and grinding percussions.Welcome to the slave pit.Waves of electronic
noize form a wave of cheers in a coliseum of pain as the slave driver screams to his
victims and his audience.The vocals have an oldschool industrial vibe like I haven't
heard in quite some time as they scream out "Your just a slave!".The crowd is relentless
in their droning harmony of cries for blood as grinding instruments of torment clang together
with themselves and flesh and bone."This is the price you pay".
Noize that sounds like a recording of flesh being slowly peeled off.Looped and repeated
in sadistic taunting.Sampled vocals speak further words of discomfort and dread.Synths
hover like a malignant fog over this wasteland of desolate sound.Grinding metals which
at this point have become the standard choice of percussion to push us along through
these Hellscapes.Buzzing flies fill the air for a brief time then all fades back into
the ripping of skin.
This is my favorite track on the album.Repeating droning synths dance in a spin cycle.
Bursts of metal pounding and screams that once again remind me of the glory days of
NAVICON TORTURE TECHNOLOGIES are spewed fourth in multiple fits of rage.Feedback can
be heard shrieking throughout til all is nihil.
Almost like a combination of the previous two tracks but in the best possible way.
Spinning whirlpools of pulsing synths with the ripping of flesh serving as a bass
line of sorts.Machine gun bursts of crashin metal and drifting feedback.Spoken
word vocals like a serial killers cold emotionless confession and testimony.
The backing music a soundtrack to his previous deeds.The vocals turn to screams
as he revels in the memory of past slaughters.Reliving each moment in vivid detail.
Louder and more abrassive with each passing second.Trial over.
Martial Industrial style noize repeating like a call to battle.Thousands of weapons
are loaded in unison over and over.Oldschool industrial screams with a modern edge
command an army of souless killing machines.Growing more frantic and building to
a rage.Harsh noize attacks and stabs the air and the ears.This is all out war.
The same call to battle still echoing in a brainwashing loop.Weapons fire and echo
through the smoke filled skies.The call to march on becoming a violent command of
For some reason the first few seconds of this remind me of the first two SPK albums
as does the name of this track.Crawling synths and lurking synths all slowly stretching
out towards the end.
THE END is here.A harsh drone of distorted synth noize amidst a colony of buzzing wasps
as they slowly ready themselves to strike.Total isolationist music.Cold and sinister with
a meditative calculating quality that the best death industrial bands strive for.A silent
end that leaves you wondering just what was Grant Richardson thinking and what is he up to?
This is a MUST HAVE for any P.E. enthusiast:

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