Monday, August 12, 2013


Enemata Productions
Harsh Noize/Power Electronics
Comes in plastic case with J-card insert

Throes is the final instalment in a long in the works trilogy.
However, Concerning this three part endeavor, you do not
have to have the first two parts of the trilogy to enjoy and comprehend
each individual piece.This album is a precise methodical aural mess.
Structured and organized chaos consisting of eight tracks of roaring
bestial mechanical madness and mayhem.Layers upon layers of deep
pulsing sub-bass frequencies met with billowing walls of super harsh
static and noize.Screaming hissing feedback and insane electronic 
fuckery.Break beat style glitched out pulses add a sense of disjointed 
rythym to the whole onslaught.This sounds like ten thousand dying
machines vomiting their innards in a chaotic frenzy.A choir of diseased
technology.This is a mass of everything a harsh noize/heavy electronics
album should have rolled up into one eight part anti-epic.Every track
is an instrumental telling a tale of a civilization collapsing in on itself.
No vocals are present but no vocals are particularly needed as the 
shrill high end blasts serve as horrendous tortured screams.It really
sounds like a bravely attempted field recording of a full scale
disaster.Surprisingly for an album consisting of so much punishing
audio madness, this is not messy or unorganized.There is a strange flow
to this insanity that seems to be timed perfectly.Flawless execution.
The "music" changes often exploring many different disaster senarios.
Peaks and valleys all the way.Frightful glimpses of various faces of death.

A bulldozer of noize tearing through a large city until all is left
En Nihil:

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Malignant Records-TumorCD67
Death Industrial/Power Electronics/Noize
Comes in a six panel gate-fold digipack with quotes 
and poetry
The Vomit Arsonist Is: Andrew Grant

We start out with an intro track of low down tuned pitch shifted
sinister spoken word samples.A hopeless speech assuring us that
we are alone in the universe.The music sounds like the theme
of a world where man is left to rely on their own feeble devices
in futility.Miserable and murky dark ambient with a death industrial
rattle.Track two "At the edge of life everything is an occasion for death"
 is one of the albums highlights.Crushing percussion like an earth and ear
shattering quake.Deeply sorrowful ambient strings hover throughout like a
pale specter that has come to warn us of our quickly arriving demise.A haze
of static and rushing steam.And vocals that scream in a voice of atrocity.We
are thrown from this gloom into further doom as "Invita minerva" begins with
an electric hum and fields of buzzing static and hissing feedback far in the distance.
The percussion sounds like the slamming of the door to a prison cell.Trapping us in
this desperation.Horrid screams begin.Engulfed in effects and strange warping sound.
Much along the lines of the vocals heard on many STEEL HOOK PROSTHESES albums.
This album flawlessly embodies the death industrial style while at the same time making it
it's own.The next three tracks: "Black bile/Torn between will and desire/The absurd" are
perfect examples of this.Dreadful synths moan on in endless agony as thundering drums 
pound all into a crippling mind numbing submission.The vocals vary between total hate
stained lasts of static violence to strangled effect molested living nightmares.Everything that
THE VOMIT ARSONIST does best shined on this release with the ferocity cranked up far 
beyond ten.This triumphant collection of curses on humanity ends with the ten minute epic
"Means to an end." A gaping black hole of metallic noize and wretched droning synths.It
sounds like someone is preparing instruments of torture for an unwilling awaiting victim.
Slow,methodical and deadly.Sampled vocals add a layer of eeriness to an already unsetteling
closer.Then the torture begins in a rage of distorted screams.Pure audio trauma.In my oppinion
THE VOMIT ARSONIST's best work to date.

If someone where to ask what death industrial was...This is the record
I would present to them.For anyone new to the genre this is the perfect 
place to start: