Monday, July 29, 2013


Malignant Records-Tumor66/Silken Tofu-stx27
Death Industrial/Power Electronics/Black Noize
Both come in six panel cardboard digi-packs

So what we have here is a compilation of previously unreleased and rare material
spanning two discs which have been released through two different labels.Disc one has been released by the almighty Malignant records and consists of "Program A." From the opening track "Death Reveler" it is evident that we are in for an intense ride.Heavy palm muted guitars,throbbing death industrial drumming,ringing ritual bells and blackened screams of multiple bloody murders.From here on it's hard to know what to expect as TREPANERINGSRITUALEN explore a variety of dark evil territories.All however are pitch black and utterly disturbing but they present this behind many different faces.This album contains two ten minute + death industrial/dark ambient tracks that each explore the extreme depths of dark and sinister atmosphere.These could easily work perfectly as a soundtrack to an unsettling horror film.Terror through perfect placement of subtle noize and eerie samples.There are also several "Heavy" tracks like the crushing and suffocating "All hail the black flame." A flawless blend of sub-bass death industrial,strange effects and noize,and gut wrenching black noize.Throbbing drones and otherworldly vocals can be found on "Lord of this world." There is also a pretty straight forward harsh noize track "Drunk with blood." Full of wretched screams and raging feedback.Also the track "Judas Goat" which has become a pretty well known classic is present as well as a deranged cover of "C'est un reve" from the seminal DEATH IN JUNE album "Nada!" Program B was released apart from program A through Silken Tofu Records and in quite different from part A in many ways.This starts out with an out there experimental noize intro and then dives into hellish electronic/industrial blast beats and violent black metal style screams on "Eucharist of shit and piss" complete with a catchy chorus you will find yourself repeating throughout the day and night.This has everything from blackened death industrial to brutal power electronics to creepy dark ambient and punishing harsh noize.All with a blackened flavor.At times sounding like GNAW THEIR TONGUES or ADERLATING covering BRIGHTER DEATH NOW and at others sounding more like LEVIATHAN playing oldschool industrial tributes like on the crushing "Veil the word." Tracks like "Alpha Omega" take a very minimal yet effective approach while others like "Didymus Christ" are more chaotic and in your face.All together this double disc collection is a must have for any serious fan/collector of dense,dark,desolate noize.

Blast this late at night while alone in total darkness:


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