Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Altar Of Waste Records-AOW26
Black Noize/Harsh Noize/Experimental
Comes in dvd style case w/ full artwork.
Hand numbered/Limited editions
Crown Of Bone is: Dustin Redington

A crash of distorted guitars and a vile blackened scream.
It sounds like we have just entered the den of some unholy
beast and awakened it from it's ancient slumber.Drone doom
riffs churn out slowly as the beast begins to stir in aggrivation.
The vocals have a seething serpentine quality to them.Ancient
occult moans chant wicked spells,hexes and curses.The thing  
that has awakened is not pleased by our presence at all.This
track bleeds the black blood of hatred.It feels like waiting to
be devoured.A blast of harsh noize metamorphs the nature
of the track.Now we stand in a massive cavern of HNW style
noize.A thick mass of hissing distortion that will not only devour
us but engulf all hopes of redemtion as well.Rolling thunderous
noize moves across the horizon and blacks out the skyline as
truly possessed daemonic vocals spew fourth like black vomit.
Very raw and primitive.The vocals have the same quality you
would expect to find on a grade A bestial black metal release.
This is the sound of no light at the end of a tunnel.And the 
darkness only grows thicker with each passing moment until
everything in it's path is suffocated by tendrils of the blackest

Somehow we survived the first track and have found our
way here.A desolate wasteland devoid of all but your deepest
darkest nightmares.Dark dense ambient that holds a lurking
fear.It literally feels like you are being watched as you listen
to this track.I take that back.Much more than watched we 
have fallen into a deeper ring of hell.Harsh noize so heavy
that it almost sounds like blast beats pummeling you into
submission.So harsh in fact that said blasts are closer to
avalanches in description.Daemonic vocals make themselves
known once more amidst the relenless noize that spills out
like thick blood.If this is a harvest as the title suggests then
we are being harvested as a mass of wailing souls.It sounds
like a million locusts devouring everything in sight at once.
The harsh noize only lets up for short periods of time allowing
the hissing locusts a moment to swallow and regroup for another
infestation.There is no melody.Nothing pretty.No chorus.No hook.
Just brutal and devastating harsh fucking noize and some seriously
pissed off entities speaking in forked tongues.Also this is not quite
straight HNW as there are a lot of changes to be found in the manipulated
fields of sonic reaping.I swear blasting drums of some sort are present
within this as well but there really is no way to be certain.Total chaos.

Track three sounds like something right off of a GNAW THEIR
TONGUES release.Moody dark ambient combined with droning
guitars and death industrial drumming.Very ritualistic.It is as if a
dark procession of some short is in progress as the drums plod on
at a funeral paced crawl.Static noize spreads out as a layer across 
the track but does not entirely cover the dark beauty that CROWN
OF BONE has manifested here.The harvest is over and the locusts
are all slowly crawling back to their homes to store our body parts
up for a long cold winter in hell.A tidal wave of harsh noize roars
out like a winter storm.These sudden bursts of noize seem to be
CROWN OF BONE's trademark.Followed by distorted blackened
screams in total agony.Think of SUNN (O)))'s black one album
and multiply the harshness by 100.Then take the vocals and pump
them up with a syringe filled with hatred,disgust and all those other
fun words and you'll have an idea of what we have here.I don't know
what happened to Dustin Redington as a child but it must have been
severely traumatic.Lets just hope this is the only way he unleashes
his inner daemons.

Again we start out with pitch black occult ambience.Whispering
winds and ice cold crystalline chimes.Chains rattle as synth strings 
glide on a chilling winter breeze.Ok Christmas break is officially
over kiddies.Sonic devastation much like Redington's work with
DEMONOLOGISTS but the vocals are much more evil.Howling
daemonic shouts like loud gusts of wind.This is a barren tundra of
harsh fucking hopelessness.Screaming feedback and flesh whipping
distortion.CROWN OF BONE does not make songs.They make 
cataclysmic events.Earth shattering skull fucking sermons to bring
fourth the end of days in a horrid daze.

No intro here just straight noize.How fucking harsh can you get?
Well not much harsher than this.Loud hissing traumatic static and
the ancient beast that dwells within this frozen void.The vocals are
almost as distorted as the "music" itself.A raging inferno or maybe
an epic blizzard of assaulting sound that is sure to leave all in a pile
of skeletal remains.This is the most HNW sounding track so far as
it is minimal and simplistic but the addition of vocals adds a blackened
noize element as well.Heavy drone doom riffs come out from nowhere
and the vocals take on that same malignant style as the first track.The riffs
are ice cold and linger in the air like chilling specters.Indeed a haunting
surprise.Screaming feedback and palm muted riffing bring a deep heaviness.
Then it all fades into oblivion.

Those brave souls that make it to the outer wastelands of this release will
find themselves in a windswept land of torn black ambience.Totally removed
from the rest of the world and damned to eternal isolation.An immense blast
of harsh noize sweeps through the solitude bringing that blackened beast back
with it for one final attack before sweet death removes us from this tourrent
of torment.A field of white noize in a dizzying haze.Make that black noize
as the vocals return to strip us bare.Dense distortion filled with sub-bass 
movements in the form of restless winds.The venomous ritual persists
in hissing malignancy.HNW with death industrial or power electronics
style sub-bass pulsing.The vocals somehow become deeper and deeper.



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