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Danver State Recordings-DSR41
Harsh Noize/Power Electronics
Bereft Is: Peter Lee and Andrew Grant
Artwork: Andy Grant

Reissue of the first two Bereft releases. Two cassettes in a clamshell box with insert. Limited to 100 copies.
"First Degree of Separation" originally released in 2004 by Truculent Recordings. 
"Removed From Security" originally released in 2006 by Antihumanism Records. 
"The Lies Of The Father..." originally appeared on the "Epidemic" compilation, released in 2004 by Truculent Recordings.


Traumatic static comes in thundering waves.Cracking the speakers with each blast.
Glitched out pulses of noize backed by a low hum.If we are to be searching for relevancy
I doubt it will be found here.High end screeches of feedback and distortion drenched
vocals rear their ugly heads.The tempo is slow and agonizing.Wails of feedback scream
and fade into white noize.Room shaking quakes of distortion shatter the windows and
crack the floorboards.Strangled screams can be found here and there within the debris
and rubble.It sounds like the earth is slowly being torn in half.Ripping electronic noize
over a canvas of humming static.The vocals sound like someone choking on the dust 
in the air.Obscured by the wreckage.There is a post-apocalyptic sense of destruction.
A lone whipping  jolt of sound hits from out of nowhere.The sound of radio frequencies
with no fair signal as if trying to make sense of this mess to no avail can be heard.Only
static and solitude as the city crumbles.Minimal but very effective.Hissing static signals 
the end of track one.On to track two.Titles are irrelevant.

Just when you thought it was safe.Fuck you.A barrage of harsh noize rattles and shakes.
Within it there is a pulsing loop of sub-bass vibration that sounds like a tornado ripping
through my bedroom.Distortion cracks and snaps like roaring fires or splintering decaying
wood.The very foundations are at risk.No shelter.An insane burst of high pitched static comes
with the tearing asunder of all in it's path.Strangled vocals cry out desperate and miserable.
Louder and filled with hate as the track progresses.The tornado has become a well oiled
machine hell bent on destruction and twisting endlessly.It feels like the sheer sonic onslaught
is going to swallow you whole or slowly break your limbs apart.Which I cannot tell.By now
the vortex is in full swing fucking up everything there is to fuck up.A droning attack on the


And we are all still fucked.Howling winds among static walls.Near silence.Is it over?
Nope.A second stab in the eardrums and then it fades for a moment as vocals like
shattered fragments of hate sound out.This track is a bit of a mindfuck as right before
you think it is going to blast into a sonic assult it fades into near silence.Like listening
to a lost tape of a cataclysmic event then soaring into chaos once more.Noize like stray
shards of shrapnel and brutal vocals both fire off in the same manner.Somewhere deep
in the distance there is a low almost haunting ambience among all of this.All decays
until nothing remains.

Slow pulses of low end noize and sharp strands of electronic noize.Bleeding out like
tendrils reaching as far as they can.A low bass plays a single note in a repeating drone.
Static molesting the empty space here and there.Ringing feedback sounds like an alarm
morphing into harsh noize and back again.Each strike harsher than the previous.The vocals
are much louder here.They come in a combination of hardcore punk style screams and painful
wails.Spoken words of discuragement and the droning bass returns as we bleed out.

Clashes of static frequencies and rumbles of noize like a panzer tank setting fourth outside
your window.The tornado is back along with frantic screams filled with anger.The entire
album seems to carry a theme of destruction and impulsiveness so naturally the finishing
blow is brought by a beast armed with both.Swirls of dizzying sound in a harsh static shell
come ripping down the streets once more.No mercy.The voice of anger rants on as the album
continues to tear us a new one.Urgent and relentless.Static cracks like whips on flesh.Feedback
rings out followed by a buzzing hum filled with impulsive pulses of harsh noize.It is like
the track has A.D.D. and a bounty on our heads.Tortured in your face screams side by side
low smothering fuzzed out sub-bass tones.The vocals spewing out black vomit and vile filth.
Creeping along like a slow coming death.Whirlwinds of chaos fill the air once more as the
filth pours out until all is abruptly cut off.Game over.


A crawling pulse resounds.It sounds like the earth is moaning below the floor boards.
Slow and malignant.Changing as it bellows fourth like steam from rifts tearing through
the room.There is a strange rythm to the rumbling ground below.A wall of thick noize
hisses fourth joined by a mechanical rumble.Traces of feedback can be heard in the
deep distance as the crunching noize begins to rise and take hold.Distorted vocals
almost lost in the distance scream out in anguish.A mass of dense noize rips it's
way to the front til it's overtaken by screams more burried than the last.High end
pulses soar overhead.Scraping harshness followed by low sub bass rumbling.
Minimal and desolate.Like wandering through a desert with a throat full of sand
in a thick humid haze of noize.

The song begins like the beating of wings.A death's head moth looms above.
An omen of tragedy to come.Shifting noize comes in intervals.Wings beat 
more frantically to escape the churning mechanical beast that approaches.
It shambles along with rusted gears and missing cogs.Falling apart but still
set on destruction.A scream of sharp feedback pierces the air.The machine
begins to ready it'self and as it overworks in preparation screams like those
of someone suffering fill the air as well.Filled with terror and urgency along
side with screeching feedback.It's hard to tell if the beast is broken or just
getting ready for an onslaught.Fragile wings are once again present amidst
a roaring inferno of noize.The mechanical beast breaths fire and speaks with
a tongue as sharp as a knife through bursts of wretched screams.It has set
all ablaze and spoke it's piece.

Strange pulsing ambience as thick as midnight fog.Harsh screeching bursts
of high end noize.Bow down before the coming horrror.Screams obscured
in distortion spill fourth like projecting vomit.Feedback in frantic waves makes
it'self known as black vomit hits the floor once more spewing out like curses
spoke with a tongue of bile.Pissed and in your face.Another round of feedback
signals the return of that vile vomit.The harsh blasts of noize sound like the
writhing agony of something dying in a horrid manner.A voice of accusation
points blame at an unknown source.Noize recoils at the sound.Again angry
vocals spew hate at the world around them.The voice of one who refuses
to kneel as he turns the tables.Electric static takes over and expands.The 
dying body before it shrieking in the form of harsh noize.Revenge in the
process of being served at the hands of one who has finally snapped.


Welcome to the end.An inferno of roaring noize backed by a crushing death 
industrial rythm.Swirling sounds choke the sky like smoke.Hissing flames
lick the heavens.High end noize screams like burning victims.Pounding and
merciless.Soaring towers of harsh noize erect and collapse upon themselves.
The rythm changes into a sound like nails scraping on glass.All is agony.
Clouds of debris rumble across the backdrop.Again the pulse changes
into that of some sort of machine working hard throughout the chaos.
Then all is roaring fire and blasts of wind.Something seems to be screaming
in an inhuman voice.A daemon cloaked in static.It appears that hell is
located somewhere in the nighttime sky.Shrieks of daemonic entities
ride the wind.Mechanical pounding and flesh eating blades turn bringing
death from above.Clangs of metallic noize like the war drums of the
awful spawns.They seem to be enjoying the pain and destruction they
are bringing.Winds storm like churning ocean tides.There is a feeling
of hopelessness and abandonment throughout the track thus far.
Softer metallic beats and distant saw blades grind bones into dust.
Muffled vocals like an emergency call.Filled with panic and impossible
to understand.The sky is a mass of screaming beasts.The ground below
a fire choked field of turning blades.The crushing death industrial stomp
returns smashing anything in it's path.Whirling electronics and harsh
assults of noize.The "drums" pound on into oblivion.That sound like
nails on a chalkboard is present once more.Daemonic voices and a
neverending massacre.Long story short.This is mass destruction in stereo.

An amazing collection of BEREFT's early work and a must have for all
fans of power electronics/harsh noize/and death industrial:


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