Monday, May 20, 2013


Dark Ambient/Minimal Power Electronics
Comes in a Digi-pack with full cover art
The Vomit Arsonist Is: Andrew Grant
Theologian Is: Theologian Prime
Layout: Theologian Prime. Cover Photograph: Jenni Theresa

Deep haunting synth strings resonate.Female choir vocals weave through the rich ambience
singing a beautiful lament.An angelic mantra dedicated to the reign of nature and all the chaos
that dwells within it.This is a direct contrast to most of the previous work of  THE VOMIT ARSONIST
and a great deal of THEOLOGIAN's past efforts.A sharp but soft synth cuts through but in no way
takes anything from the absolute beauty of the piece.Everything blends flawlessly droning out as 
a magnificent hymn.Stirring and evocative.Chills throughout the entire duration of the track and this
is only the prologue.

A calm breeze.All is quiet,too quiet.It sounds as if no man dwells on the face of the earth.A low rumble
aproaches at the pace of crawling death.A vortex of howling wind climbs from the abyss and dies.Cold
dead ambience.There is nothing left to feel grief over.Maybe this is just a tribute to the fall of humanity.
The world is as it was in the begenning.Void and without form.Death industrial pounding.Almost sounding
like cloudbursts and thunder.Gusts of malevolent wind blow throughout the empty spaces.Something is
being hammered out and formed to fill the void with substance of some sort.The pounding ceases once
again letting only the blasts of wind speak.It feels like you are nowhere and there is nothing around to 
grab hold.No ground to stand on.Nothing to cling to for the sake of sanity.Nothing is left for us.The cold
winds howl in mockery of the emptiness.Nature has taken her rightful place as heir to this world...
And nature is a cruel souless bitch.

Some form of life shuffles as matter returns.The earth is regenerating only this time without the presence
of man.Rain falls and circles the drains of a desolate city.Something pounds in the background though it 
is almost inaudable.A building thickness of dark ambient fog floods the uninhabited streets.What was once
formless begins to breath and start anew in a direction that none are left to guess at.Crumbling wet noize
begins as if something is being born that never was before.The air is thick with decay.Maybe that wet noize
is the breeding or feasting of maggots.Their jaws chewing hungrily on the carcass of what once was and 
will never be again.Louder and maddening it seethes.Sub bass rumbling from the core of the earth.Perhaps
things are not what they seemed at first.Perhaps they're are survivors.They must have been well hidden
and for good reason.An air raid siren penetrates the air warning whoever was able to survive to stay indoors.
Outside their is only grief and pain.A breath like a plague moves through the air as the maggots swarm the 
broken roads.Something else breaths and what sounds like breaking bones and gnawing of flesh is heard.
It must be quite some time into the apocalypse as it seems some of the remaining few have given in to
cannabalism.Or is it the beasts found in nature free to roam and hunt us as we did them for all those years?

Despair and genocide.Two terms that so far describe this album perfectly.A low pulse.Rising ash and debris.
The time for cleansing has come.To wipe away what filth remains.Deep bass movement.Not one has yet dared
to venture outside.Cold sweeping emptiness.A short burst of static.Maybe a radio transmission or failed plea for
help was attempted.Again you can hear it but to no avail.Sweeping emptiness becomes a sweeping wind of plague
or some other great death.Like creeping death it slowly crawls at the speed of growing fungus.Making the entire
atmosphere toxic and suffocating.The air itself has turned against us.

Three brave or foolish souls stand in the decrepit waste.Begging for death if they have any sense left.Emptiness
surrounds them and the winds of pestillence.Everything is a barren wasteland.The beggars will surely die.There
is nothing left to ask for and no one around to recieve it from.Dark waves of ambience form a haze in which
only bottom feeding carrion could inhabit.It feels like walking through barren ice laden landscapes where no
light reaches.Freezing and hopeless.If nature is satan's church then may he have mercy on the three beggars.
Dark stirring tones then all drifts away as if nothing ever was.

A pulse sounds through dark ambient waves.Fading and not lasting long.Nothing is present but those howling
winds ravaging the earth like rabid wolves.Deep bursts and fissures from the center of the earth rumble fourth.
Nature has reclaimed her throne and what she plans on doing from this point out no one will ever know.This is
by far the most empty, void album I have ever heard.The entire thing feels utterly hopeless and without form
but at the same time there is substance.A presence to be heard.Lurking and everpresent.Unlike anything I have
experienced.Anyone who owns or has heard this knows what I mean.A masterpeice of minimalism.This is a vast
departure from the work of both artists involved and shows just how talented they both truly are.



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