Monday, May 20, 2013


Industrial/Harsh Noize/Experimental Power Electronics
Comes in platic case w/ 2 panel insert.
All Music/Artwork: Ichiro Tsuji
Recorded at UPD studio 2010
Building atmosphere of metallic clanging and stark ambience.Whirling cosmic sounds and spacey noize.
Haunting "voices" swirl like winds from another world.Everything feels odd and inhuman.There is an 
unnatural feeling in the air.Scraping percussion and distorted gusts like the hot air of a furnace.Whatever
it is that is making such strange sounds seems to be growing more impatient and agitated by the second.
A weird melody with a childlike quality is heard.Clangs of metal pipes the deep rumble of the agitated
furnace.Ghosts of children play and laugh.Most likely burned alive in the ungodly outer realm.Their voices
swirling in distorted insanity.Death industrial percussion giving way to barrages of harsh walls of sci-fi effects.
Bubbling and warping around your ears causing a feeling of uneasiness and disorientation.All fades to a more
quiet ambience.Strange things stir and there is a black and white horror film score quality to the piece.Slow 
metallic percussion with a frantic feeling backed by an eerie hum begins.This is a total mindfuck of horror
from a realm beyond our own.Chimes and scratching metal along with a bone chilling myriad of tones come
in waves.More rapid each time.This is like walking through a nightmare or the realm of the cenobites in the
HELLRAISER films.Dark spacey ambience and harsh blasts of unknown sounds almost like tortured screams
of burned victims as the furnace fires up for more bodies.Flames dancing malignantly in anticipation to agitate
the flesh for the second time.Harsh blasting noize and the scraping of large metal pipes against a dirty concrete
floor.We are in a living breathing hell.A WWII holocaust.Ovens ready to devour their victims.Screeching bursts.
Deep pounding.Screaming electronics.All is a haze of utter chaos.Experimental is a good description and we are
the ones being experimented on.Demented lashes of noize like electric whips strike the air in random directions.
Maybe we have been abducted by an alien lifeform bent of totally fucking us up both physically and mentally.
A barrage of marching percussion heaves forward into territories of high end weirdness and then all fades
into oblivion.

Alien soundscapes molest the ears.A whispering serpentine haze and intergallactic sounds.Fuck your senses.
Huge blast of harsh noize and swiliring clouds of spaced out electronics.Radio transmissions or first contact
from entities with a dedication to our destruction.Thick and relentless.So many things are going on at once
which is kind of a trademark for DISSECTING TABLE for those new to this project.Moaning and writhing
electronics struggle for air in an asphyxiating haze of defeat.Whipping wheels of turning noize and feedback.
It sounds like something is hovering above brining mass death to those above.Agonizing screaming electronics
like the poor bastards below being tortured to death.A war of lazers on rapid fire.Total annihilation of the entire
population.You can hear the devastation they bring in waves of crumbling buildings and explosions as they fire
on.Sharp piercing feedback blurs the sounds of war.All is a blur of mayhem and terror.Cannons ready and streams
of rockets are shot forth in multiples.This is the fall of humanity.More screams of suffering and confusion.Over the
years Ichiro Tsuji has become the master of his craft.Creating annihilating collages of harsh noize and electronic
fuckery from distant vistas not meant for man to behold.But nonetheless he has conjured them forth to wreak 
havok on our ears serving as a conductor in an orchestra of madness.No actual vocals are present in the two 
tracks featured here but the electronics and harsh noizes scream hiss and moan throughout the duration of
both tracks.Assulting bursts.Manipulated loops that mimick screams in a cataclysmic event.Corroding scenery
and collapsing monuments.This really plays with the imagination and I am sure each individual will get something
different out of experiencing it and even more so with repeated listens.Lazer sharp without letting up for a second.
All out war that ends in flames.The universe is only an object to be destroyed.


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